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MusicUnderFire | February 13, 2016

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MUF Interviews Your Vegas

Above: Your Vegas members Coyle Girelli, Mat Steel, Mark Heaton, Jon Langford and Mal Taylor.

Your Vegas, the English rock band from Otley quickly made themselves known throughout The States while on tour with The Bravery over the course of the past few months. With a sound big enough for any arena, song style charismatic as your favorite pop-rock band and more captivating songs than you can shake a stick at, its no wonder why Your Vegas immediately hit the ground running as their first full-length album, A Town and Two Cities made its stunning debut last month.

While the band has been busy on their tour, we were lucky enough to get a few answers from Coyle Girelli (vocals, guitar) about the new album and some lingering thoughts:

Your band name sounds inspiring and open-minded, what made you choose the name ‘Your Vegas’ and what’s the meaning behind it?

Your Vegas was a song that I had before we formed. Its a song about escape, about finding your place in the world where you belong. It’s about hope. When we were looking for a name we kept hitting brick walls. Then someone suggested Your Vegas – it seemed to fit and sum up a recurrent theme in many of the songs – escape, struggling to find a place in the world and eternal hope.

Your first singles came out in 2005 (“Your Vegas”) and 2006 (“Flybuzz”) respectively, what was the biggest factor in getting your first full-length album out the door?

I guess my trip, turned move to NY. We released those indie singles but needed the backing to release of first full-length out of the door. We had 70 odd songs and were confident we had a great record in there and we needed it out! We had a deal with Sony in the UK fall through and were at a crossroads. I went over to the US to test the water and see what people were thinking of our music. Pretty quickly we were all in NY doing showcases and soon after were signed to Universal Republic. So I guess that decision to come over for bit was the biggest factor.

You can hit every note in the spectrum, where did you get your pipes?

Thank you very much. I have both Italian and Irish heritage – two nations blessed with a long line of great singers so I guess it’s in the genes. My grandma has always walked around singing Opera. Singing has always been around me. It sort of came natural I guess.

A Town and Two Cities is a crisply produced album, what musical influences pushed the direction of the album one way or another?

We went into the studio with a very fixed vision of what we wanted our album to sound like. We had worked on it for a while. Musical influences from the early 80′s from bands such as Echo and The Bunnymen, Big Country, Simple Minds and U2 to the ever-present influence of Springsteen and The Beatles shaped our vision. Our producer David Bendeth (Paramore, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Breaking Benjamin, The Almost, Vertical Horizon) added his thoughts to (our vision) and helped give us a heavy bottom end.

The messages in each of your songs seem to be that of a positive and good-willed nature, what inspired you to write your songs this way?

Writing music for me has always been a sort of exorcism. Its a release of what’s going on inside! A lot of the time, I guess, I’m writing to myself. Messages of hope. Songs that lift and make you feel better. I guess the theme of good will and love comes from this. I want our music to have a positive effect on people. To make people think about things and feel good about themselves. I want to make music that matters to people the way it does to me.

The name of your album, A Town and Two Cities must be talking about Leeds/Otley (your hometown) and New York City, where your careers began to bloom. Which of these places had the greatest effect on this album?

Hmmm? Good question. I guess its Otley. It’s where we grew up. It’s the place we fought hard to escape from and I guess it’s the place that stays in our hearts no matter how far from home we are. I have this love/hate relationship with Otley. It trapped me, yet it’s the place that I guess set me free. It’s a source of great contradiction for me.

Your Vegas draws a crowd on their tour with The Bravery

“The Way The War Was Won” has a strong message connected with world peace, is there something specific to you that made you write these lyrics?

Yeah, seeing an unjust and needless war unfold before my eyes – a war that my country is involved in, against my and majority of the populations wishes – a war which has cost so many innocent lives and caused so much pain and destruction – I feel ashamed and so sad at the state of the world right now. Humanity seems to never learn lessons. Its the same crap over and over again – greed = lies = war = destruction. It breaks my heart and is a theme in a few songs and many of our new songs, post A Town And Two Cities.

You have quite a tour happening right now, playing with The Bravery, then with Duran Duran in the coming month, and then finally playing at both Lollapalooza in Chicago and lastly the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee, what has your best tour experience through The States been thus far?

Yeah it’s amazing. We’ve just finished with The Bravery. They’re an awesome set of guys and a great band. We’re gonna miss playing with them, but I’m sure it wont be the last time we do. The whole tour with them was an incredible experience and we got to see so much of America and play to so many amazing crowds. We feel very blessed and can’t wait to keep touring and touring and touring for a long time!

Mp3: Your Vegas – In My Head (buy)

Listen to Your Vegas on iTunes, check them out on their MySpace Page, YouTube, purevolume or check back on their Official Homepage for more details about the band.


vnJust got to catch them again and was completely blown away. Your Vegas is the real deal. Their music has a passion and a power to it that has been lacking from much of the music of late. The richness and energy of their lyrics reaches your soul in a place like no other. This is a must have cd. And to catch them live is truly a pleasure.


This band is definitely going to be the next big thing. I saw them perform when they opened for Duran Duran at a concert I attended recently, and I have to say I became an instant fan! Their live performance was spectacular and full of energy, and their album is fantastic! This band can rock out on tracks like Aurora and In My Head, and then play slower tracks like The Way the War Was Won so beautifully. Please check them out!


Your Vegas possesses a passion, talent and integrity for creating music that rocks you mind, body and soul; I cannot recommend their album enough. Coyle Girelli is a musical genius who I believe will give the music world amazing gifts for a long time to come. The skill and passion demonstrated by Girelli and his bandmates is so palpable in both their studio album and their live shows that the audience can't help but become addicted. Your Vegas just feels good, there's no other way to describe it, but don't expect a light pop sound with disposable songs. Songs like Birds of Paradise and Up Until the Lights Go Out will thrill anyone who appreciates good old fashioned rock, while ballads like Salvador and The Way the War Was Won maintain a sweeping rock quality without ever sounding sappy or tired. In My Head is a pop bounce that will become a modern classic we will still be singing along to 20 years from now. These guys are a sight and sound to behold live, an absolute must-see. It is also worth mentioning that the respect with which Your Vegas treats their fans is unparalleled. If you are a music lover, you owe it to yourself to check out Your Vegas and their album, A Town and Two Cities. The previous poster provided a great site where you can listen for free before buying. I have recommended this album to countless friends and still have yet to find one who doesn't love it. This band is headed places; don't miss out.


I echo Sam's comments. These guys are the total package. There is not one single song that I don't like! Everyone I share the CD with is pleasantly suprised and finds themselves downloading within days. They songs have everything you are looking for: great beats, catchy tunes, awesome melodies, rocking drums, increadble guitar, thumping bass and stirring keyboards -- and who can top that voice, NO one -- Coyle just takes it home! Take the risk, download or get the is the best one I have owned in years.


If you have never heard of this band before then what are you waiting for ... go have a listen to the whole album for free at it’s kind of cool to try before you buy and I guarantee you will buy!!! Mat is a phenomenal lead guitarist, Jon rocks it on base, Mark multi tasks his ass off on keys/guitars and whatever else you can throw at him, Mal absolutely blows your socks off on drums add to that the amazingness of Coyle’s vocals and his vocal range put it all in a pot with a shed load of creativity and what you have is the recipe for a unique sound of immense proportions with lyrics that captivate, enthral, and everyone can relate to without it ever being hard work yet at the same time genius. ‘A Town and Two Cities’ is the most addictive and enjoyable album ever.


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