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MusicUnderFire | February 9, 2016

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5 Reasons Why Bloc Party’s Remix Promo Is Better Than Radiohead’s

It’s hard to say that our favorite band (Radiohead) could be beaten in any one category, but since we’ve been following Bloc Party for so long we realized they have a few attributes that make them rise above the rest. If you’ve followed our site, you probably already know we’re a big fan of remixes, especially from our favorite groups. Bloc Party has done it right with their latest remix ploy on their official website to draw more fanfare to their upcoming Intimacy Remixed album (available May 11th) and here’s why they’ve topped Radiohead:

1) Bloc Party’s music is more remixable. Sure, you can strip the vocals and add as many layers as you like, but it comes down to how the music was formed together to make a song. Bloc Party’s danceability makes them that much easier to layer rhythms since the foundation of their songs are built for being remixed. Radiohead on the other hand will use off-beat rhythms used in songs such as “Reckoner”, which limits the looping and ability to transforms songs into something they were never meant to be.

2) You can download all of their layers for free. Radiohead sold each track for .99. Since each of these projects are a bit of a publicity stunt I’ll give credit to BP for making them free.

3) You can download remixes for free. Radiohead’s remix contest was nice in that you could listen to any of the songs, but in this case, you can actually listen and download them and have them for good – completely free.

4) Useful Flash Media Player. Not only did this make song navigation is easier, but it helped simplify the look of their site. Remember clicking page by page and it seemed there were too many remixes to listen to? Bloc Party’s remix page has a scroll bar which makes it much easier to navigate and play a song based on its title alone.

5) Multiple songs to remix. Not just one song to remix, but three! Bloc Party surely stepped it up here.

MP3: Bloc Party – Signs (Defiant’s American Overdrive Remix)
MP3: Bloc Party – Signs (Ioviero Remix)
MP3: Bloc Party – Ares Remix (Josh Murphy Remix)
MP3: Bloc Party – Ion Square (Body In The Thames Police brutality mix)
MP3: Bloc Party – Signs (Coupons Lets Arp Tonight Remix)
MP3: Bloc Party – Signs (noMartinMix)

The only downside to remixing their music and uploading it to their site is that unlike our friends Radiohead, you do not win anything for doing so. The ploy itself is used as a promotion for their upcoming Intimacy Remixed album. Says the band:

We’re very excited to announce that on the 11th of May we will be releasing ‘Intimacy Remixed’ on limited edition CD or triple 12”. It will also be available digitally.

The album will include remixes by Gold Panda, Mogwai and Filthy Dukes and will lead off with a remix of ‘Signs’ by Armand Van Helden which will be released on the 27th of April.

Here’s the tracklisting:
1. Ares – Villains remix
2. Mercury – Herve is in Disarray remix
3. Halo – We Have Band Dub
4. Biko – Mogwai remix
5. Trojan Horse – John B remix
6. Signs – Armand Van Helden remix
7. One Month Off – Filthy Dukes remix
8. Zephyrus – Phase One remix
9. Talons – Phones RIP remix
10. Better Than Heaven – No Age remix
11. Ion Square – Banjo or Freakout remix
12. Letter To My Son – Gold Panda remix
13. Your Visits are Getting Shorter – Double D remix.