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MusicUnderFire | February 8, 2016

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Mona: Album Art Revealed, New Video

One of our Bands You Must Know, Mona, has been keeping their fans informed about their upcoming, self-titled album Mona.  The group has set quite a buzz and excitement is already boiling over with already high praises for the band prior to their debut release.  We’re excited too.  Their single “Listen To Your Love” has already been released, which you can probably find on The Hype Machine.

A self-promoting message from the band on their official website posted yesterday:

Help us spread the word – change your Facebook profile pic to the new album sleeve for the next week and we’ll pick 10 of you to win a brand new Mona tee!

It’s that simple – just leave a comment on this Facebook note so we know who you are.

‘Mona’ will be released on 16th May.  You can preorder the album through the band’s website right here.

Video: Mona – Listen To Your Love



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