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MusicUnderFire | February 8, 2016

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Album Review: The Dodos – No Color

Rating: 9.1/10

Fingers running over guitar strings, hollowed vocals, tambourines shaking and big drum blasts shape the no-frills structure of The DodosNo Color album.

After a few weeks since the March 15 release, it’s already reaching legendary status for us thanks to intricate string-play and a natural aura normally only present with folk groups.  No Color ranks at the top of albums for it’s instrumental harmony, as Meric Long’s acoustic plucking on the guitar and Logan Kroeber’s drum banging give way to each other in a ‘clearing out of fog’ manner. Even when an electric guitar finds some room, it ends up supporting a frenetic tempo that the acoustic section created.

Instruments dominate, yet Long’s voice doesn’t diminish the final product in the least, and his lyrics only improve the stickiness of each track.  “Don’t Try and Hide It” sings the be yourself lyrics that “Fools” from Visiter epitomized; namely, don’t go against your nature.  With the addition Neko Case’s  (The New Pornographers) vocals  to the mix for several tracks, the album runs extra smoothly from front to back.

Overall, No Color is not an album that will pick up dust for most people that buy it.  For an album of four and five-star rated tracks, it flows well, the overall sound is catchy, the vocals uniquely fit, and the instruments could be on their own album.  For more on The Dodos, head to their website, Facebook or MySpace.  Also, buy this album on iTunes.

MP3: The Dodos – When Will You Go (buy)