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MusicUnderFire | February 12, 2016

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Mix For The Weekend IX

Mix For The Weekend IX

As another weekend approaches, so does another playlist.  This week we’ve got lots to offer, including quite a few covers and emerging artists who struck us just right.  If you missed our ‘Mix For The Weekend VIII’ you can still check it out here.

You’ll probably notice first Mumford and Sons (terrible name if you ask me), covers White Lie’s “Unfinished Business”.  Unfortunately the English indie rock band, White Lies’s, new album Ritual didn’t completely stick to us this time around.  So here’s a good look back.

Also included in this week’s covers is one of MUF’s favorite bands, and undoubtedly covered is their best song.  Cee-Lo Green covers Band of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You”.  To add to the flavor of the track, Paul Epworth, previously known as “Phones” (to those who blogged about his remixes back in 2008) adds that fantastic quality he always adds to his tracks.  In fact, next to RAC, its tough to come up with another remixer we’ve liked better in past years.  In the past few years Epworth went underground to persue other opportunities and ditch the moniker of his past.

Our last cover is from Tetrastar who covered the ever-so-popular “Such Great Heights” made popular by Gibbard’s side project on their album “Give Up” Back in 2003.  Of course a second album by The Postal Service will most likely never come.  Tetrastar on the other hand is here and well with their Songs We Didn’t Write album which also features “I’m On A Boat” and “Float On”.  The Leeds duo consisting of production man Oliver Hindle and vocalist Jaylyn Coffin.  The result is yet another remake of the well-received The Postal Service.

In terms of emerging indie artists, there’s practically a beach theme with all of the keywords loaded below.  But the truth is Beach House, Beach Fossil and Seapony might have little to nothing to do with ocean sounds or beach vibes.  They do however kick out some fantastic music and have been on our radar for some time.

Lastly, being the Radio Dept junkie I am, their three-song EP titled Ewan came out in 2004, however with the growing popularity, especially after their fantastic 2010 album Clinging To A Scheme, The Radio Dept’s popularity has grown exponentially.  Don’t forget to check out a collection of their past songs including “Ewan” on Passive Agressive, which released on 1/25.

There’s more to check out on this list, but only so much these fingers can type before you stop listening to me rant.  Enjoy our mix for you, for the weekend.

MP3: Mumford and Sons – Unfinished Business (White Lies Cover) (buy)
MP3: Wye Oak – Civilian (buy)
MP3: Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo (buy)
MP3: Brown Recluse – Color and Context (buy)
MP3: Seapony – Emma’s House (buy)
MP3: Generationals – Trust (buy)
MP3: The Radio Dept – Ewan (buy)
MP3: Cee-Lo Green – No One’s Gonna Love You (Paul Epworth Mix) (buy)
MP3: Papercuts – Do What You Will (buy)
MP3: Seapony – Dreaming (buy)
MP3: Tetrastar – Such Great Heights (The Postal Service Cover) (buy)
MP3: The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Coleco Remix) (download free)
MP3: Robotanists – Lotus Flower (Radiohead Cover) (buy)
MP3: Beach Fossils – Calyer (buy)


love this!


Glad we could mix it up for you!

Killer Hype
Killer Hype

Awesome weekend mix! Great track selection.


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