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MusicUnderFire | February 13, 2016

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Video: Chappo – Come Home

Yup, that’s right.  The picture makes no sense, but perhaps the video may explain some of that.  Let’s just guide you through this one.  Something bad happens in the beginning and those two mystic warriors are not happy about it.  They transport through time using a giant hourglass to save the day.  As you know, we here at MUF love ridiculous videos, but it helps that Chappo‘s latest song “Come Home” rocks me sideways too.

Chappo consists of two Craigslist roomates who apparently hit it off so well they decided to start a band together.  Alex Chappo (of Baton Rouge), and Chris Olson (of Seattle) are now full of psychedelic space rock, if you’d really call it that, although I’d like to believe its more or less “new pop”.  By that I mean, it rocks, its catchy and who knows what pop music in the indie world is anymore now that Starfucker and Adele can simultaneously take over the music universe.  The duo are now in Manhattan (see picture above), but recorded their new release in a secluded location in Vermont.  No further album details are yet available, but we’re sure we’ll hear something soon.  Enjoy this wild and crazy Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure-like video below!

MP3: CHAPPO – Come Home (buy)

Video: Chappo – Come Home



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