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MusicUnderFire | February 13, 2016

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New Music Releases For Tuesday 5/17/2011

New Music Releases For Tuesday 5/17/2011
  • On 05/17/2011

Moby has long been one of our favorite, yet controversial artists.  From his vegan ways and animal rights, to his leftist mentality, surely there’s something you either strongly agree or strongly disaggree with.  This week, we’re quite agreeable with Moby’s music and several other new albums arriving today.

Moby’s Destroyed album is out today, and we’re quite excited to check this one out given his fantastic effort in his last album,Wait For Me.  Moby’s last album brought everything back to the basics and if there’s anything we feel we know better than anyone, its Moby’s music.  Wait For Me linked us back up to his work and was quite remniscent of his Moby: Songs album, which compiled all of his previous successful ambient singles.  Check this one out – we’re anxious to see where Moby has headed this week.

We won’t devote too much attention to them since we’ve already covered them quite a bit, but Mona is out with their debut album.  Quite excited to listen in on this one.  Mona will not be available in the US store as it appears this is just a UK release.

Also this week, from Subpop, is Chad VanGaalen.  As you know, SubPop has the ability and power to draw in the best folksy songwriters out there (i.e. Fleet Foxes, Daniel Martin Moore) and get their sound out to the masses.  Chad VanGaalen is SubPop’s next prince of songwriting and is out with his album Diaper Island.

Also this week is Glasvegas, who we’ve been writing about up to this point quite a bit.  You can check out two of their new singles from The World Is Yours right here.  You’ll probably also like Amor De Dias as well as The Elected.  Enjoy this week’s new music!

MP3: The Elected – Babyface (buy)
MP3: Chad VanGaalen – Willow Tree (buy)
MP3: Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (Moby Remix) (buy)

Stream: Glasvegas – The World Is Yours

Amor De Dias – Street of the Love of Days (Official)
Chad Vangaalen – Diaper Island (Official)
Damon & Naomi – False Beats & True Hearts (Official)
Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi – Rome (Official)
Elected – Bury Me in My Rings (Official)
Glasvegas – Euphoric Hearbreak (Official)
Ben Harper -Give Till It’s Gone (Official)
Levon Helm – Ramble at the Ryman (Official)
Let’s Wrestle - Nursing Home (Official)
Moby – Destroyed (Official)
Iggy Pop – Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection (Official)
Rentals – Resilience (Official)
Seether – Holding Onto Strings (Official)
Sick Puppies – Tri-Polar (Official)
Mia Todd – Doi Cosmic Ocean Ship (Official)
Waterboys – In A Special Place (Official)