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MusicUnderFire | February 13, 2016

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Review: The Pear Traps – The Pear Traps EP

Review: The Pear Traps – The Pear Traps EP
  • On 06/15/2011

Rating: 4.5/5

While minimalist indie may go unnoticed to those looking for big beats and skull-crushing basslines, those music lovers who have refined their ear to tune it to such beautiful EPs such as Chicago’s The Pear Traps‘ self-titled EP will find themselves in for quite the treat.  Formed in 2009, The Pear Traps are a 5 piece band from Chicago who’s music mixes lo-fi garage rock and alt-country.  They pride themselves on influences from The Replacements to Atlas Sound.

What The Pear Traps have done so well in their self-titled EP is deliver a straight-forward product; nothing too far out of the ordinary yet innovative within its own sound.  As a an tremendous fan of American Analog Set and The Radio Dept.,it would be easy to say that The Pear Traps are the perfect marriage between garage rock and the simplistic ambient folk delivering one of this year’s best Americana EPs.

Shining gems on this EP such as “Come Home” deliver those hushed vocals that carry more weight than any death metal scream could ever conjure.  The jangles of the guitar compliment the meticulously rhythmed drums.  It’s the little aspects that drive minimalist over that top for me, so perhaps when I hear “Honestly”, a song that might otherwise not be a rock-hall favorite, the underlings of the overall song composition melt together perfectly to give a nice even coating of icing to this EP.  Don’t discount “Predictable Kinds of Thoughts” to your average song either.  Each track on The Pear Traps’ 6-song EP are a testiment to the impact of lo-fi music.

Overall, if you’re looking for something subtle, yet soothing, yet something so placid as the world of lo-fi delivers, this fantastic EP will have you yearning for more.  To buy this EP, head to bandcamp.

The Pear Traps – Come Home

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