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MusicUnderFire | February 14, 2016

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New Music Releases for Tuesday 9/27/2011

New Music Releases for Tuesday 9/27/2011

Yes, Wilco’s latest is out this week and that should occupy part of your last week of September, but don’t miss other artists we have been indulging in for weeks now that are fresher than warm apple pie.

Gem Club, the result of Christoper Barnes’ (above) musing and collaborative help from Kristen Drymala (cello) and Ieva Berberian (vocals), comes forth with Breakers.  The album has a slow tempo riddled with an angst and charm at the same time.  Pianos, strings, lamenting lyrics and a time to hear truth told plainly makes this an inescapable must-add to fans of Trespassers William.  Perhaps the well-oiled vocals of Matthew Sweet will endear fans this week as his latest, Modern Art, hits shelves/iTunes.  He’s probably one of the better solo artists of the past two decades with roots deep in the indie scene.

Wilco‘s newest Whole Love comes across as one of our friends puts it, “like it might be kind of a mix of their electronic/experimental stuff from the early 2000′s and their more recent exploration of 1970′s AM rock aesthetic they’ve been pushing on their two previous albums. Lots of soft, fuzzy guitars with the occasional dissonance.”  Since it is Wilco, check out their tour schedule since that is the best way to see them.

From the electronic/synth side, Speak and Akara each release today.  Probablly one of the best under-the-radar groups is Speak.  Led by Troupe Gammage, the band’s infectious track “Carrie” has started to pop up in friendly places, such as TheMusicSlut and the Hype MachineAkara arrives as the project of producer Joshua Penman, who brought classically trained musicians together for psychedelic dancehall tracks.

With FIFA 2012 releasing, so too are two artists who made the cut for the EA gamemakers, Kasabian and Spank Rock.  For a pleasant, foreign twist, listen to what Malajube has to offer as the Montreal-based group continues to turn heads with their award-winning electro-rock.  Enjoy this phenomenal week in music.

MP3: Malajube – Synesthesie (buy)
MP3: Gem Club -  Black Ships (buy)
MP3: Akara – Gelfling (buy)
MP3: Speak – Carrie (Miniature Tigers Remix)

Akara – Extradimensional Ethnography [Artist]
Blink-182 – Neighborhoods [Artist]
Bonnie Prince Billy & The Phantom Family Halo – Mindeater [Artist]
Boom Bip – Zig Zaj [Artist]
Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lenses Alien [Artist]
Dan Zanes – Little Nut Tree [Artist]
Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams [Artist]
Frankmusik – Do It In the AM [Artist]
Gem Club – Breakers [Artist]
Hanni El Khatib – Will the Guns Come Out [Artist]
Jamie Jones – Fabric 59 [Artist]
Kasabian – Velociraptor! [Artist]
Katharine Whalen – Madly Love [Artist]
LPMD – Off the Record [Artist]
Malajube – La Caverne [Artist]
Matthew Sweet – Modern Art [Artist]
Mekons – Ancient & Modern [Artist]
Pieta Brown – Mercury [Artist]
Plaid – Scintilli [Artist]
Roll the Dice – In Dust [Artist]
Sleeper Agent – Celebrasion [Artist]
Spank Rock – Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is A Fucking Liar [Artist]
Speak – I Believe in Everything [Artist]
Stepkids – Stepkids [Artist]
Steve Wilson – Grace For Drowning [Artist]
Teen Daze – Silent Planet [Artist]
Thats No Moon – That No Moon [Artist]
Twin Sister – In Heaven [Artist]
Wilco – Whole Love [Artist]

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