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MusicUnderFire | February 10, 2016

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Video: ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

Video: ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

| On 06, Sep 2011

ASAP Rocky reps Harlem, raps like he’s from Houston, and has the internet going kind of nuts. He has a mixtape coming out any day now and three videos, two of which are certified hot. Purple Swag is one of them. The video put grills on white girls and ASAP on the map. A heady dose of cough syrup, fronting, and teenage goonery.

As long as his mixtape doesn’t flop, then Rocky is sure to blow soon. Not only is Purple Swag an amazing video, but the ASAP crew (it either stands for Always Strive And Proper or Accumulate Status And Power) are from Uptown. And everyone knows that New York rappers are the white boxers of the hip hop music industry.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the creaking sound of gears turning in the brains of A&R executives. What they’re wondering: Is ASAP the next Odd Future? The major labels are kicking themselves for allowing that Tumblr audience to cultivate for so long before sweeping in and snatching-up OFWGKTA. The irony is that internet incubation time allowed Tyler and company to build a brand and sell records. ASAP has only been around for a minute. A bunch of  NYC youngins holding styrofoam sizzurp cups, chopping beats, and co-directing their own videos. Let the suits wonder if this is going to last. For now, it may not make sense, but it’s good slow fun.

ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

Video: ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag