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MusicUnderFire | February 12, 2016

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Show Review: Little Scream @ Kung Fu Necktie 12/1/11

Show Review: Little Scream @ Kung Fu Necktie 12/1/11

| On 04, Dec 2011

On a stage adorned with Christmas lights, Little Scream brought an unexpectedly raucous live show.

I mean, really, who expects a band with a flute player to be rock ‘n roll? Normally, I try to clear all expectations of a band before I go and see them live. But in this case, after listening to and enjoying their album a few times, I built up a few assumptions. The studio album plays like a soft, elegant soundtrack to a dream. With songs like “The Lamb” and “Boatman,” the melodies and echoes abound. I also became obsessed with an acoustic YouTube video of theirs that also suggested a much mellower show. Little Scream reminds me of a Canadian Rilo Kiley.

Little Scream played their first song and everyone’s hair was blown back. Yes, even the flute player was rocking out and stomping her feet. Their final song of the night rocked the sound system so hard that all of my stuff fell off the table it was on because the table shook so hard.

Subtlety is the key on the album, but live, Little Scream is all rock and roll. But don’t worry if you’re not into a mosh pit scene – that’s not happening. However, don’t go to a Little Scream show if you just want to stand around and here a pretty voice and look at your shoes.

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