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MusicUnderFire | February 14, 2016

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Show Review: Slow Club @ Johnny Brenda’s 2/15/12

Show Review: Slow Club @ Johnny Brenda’s 2/15/12

| On 17, Feb 2012

A healthy-sized crowd showed up on a cold Wednesday night to hear the band from Sheffield, England play their very dreamy and very British songs.

Of the many clubs to get into these days (Bombay Bicycle Club, Gem Club, Chapel Club, Bleeding Knees Club, etc.), Slow Club is amongst the very best. Their brand of British tunes remind me of what the Beatles would sound like if they lived in 2012 and had a female co-vocalist.  I was not sure what to expect out of their live show, but when I saw not one, but two drum kits, I got excited. A new trend in the live indie music performance is to have the lead singer on a floor tom drum. Slow Club took it a step further by giving their lead female vocalist, Rebecca Taylor, a full drum kit to work with. During the performance, Taylor jumped on the backing drum kit and showed off her incredible drum skills.

I was a bit shocked that the live show did not pack more punch. Their music could lend itself to a rather raucous live show. Often, I hear a band’s studio album and don’t think there’s any way they could translate that music into a thrilling show, but they often do. Slow Club stayed mostly, well, slow. It could have been boring if both Charles Watson and Taylor’s voices were bad, but they weren’t. They were mesmerizingly beautiful and I could understand why they would want to showcase that talent rather than thrash around to cover up a mediocre voice. Both of them sang as if they were classically trained and it was especially impressive given Taylor’s severe head cold. In spite of this obstacle, she performed with a great sense of humor and an even better voice. She is hovering around the arena where Adele and Florence Welch live.

The night ended with “Two Cousins”  much to the delight of the crowd. There is a lyric in their song, “Where I’m Waking”  that says, “I can see you looking at me.” Yes we are and we’re liking what we see.

Slow Club – Two Cousins