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MusicUnderFire | February 10, 2016

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Mix for the Weekend X

Mix for the Weekend X

Perhaps it’s the unending desire to be outside when stuck at a desk all week, but I’ve been craving some music.  Electronic.  The kind that makes you walk slower or put your windows down as your screech around the winding, hot asphalt, and say “Hey weekend, you up to anything this weekend?”  In the electronic spirit, we’ve thrown some remixes in with some very solid tracks, some of which have been out for a little bit but might have eluded your ears..

Before we got too deep, we want to bring attention to Memoryhouse, who remixed Tycho’s track below.  During their recent tour with Washed Out, their tour van was broken into and was looted.  In order to recoup some of their losses and get back out doing what we all want them to do, they are asking for donations on their page.  Donate here.  Unfortunately, this was also the case for Oh No Ono, who remixed the Efterklang track below, as they had over $90,000 worth of equipment stolen and were forced to disband.

In happier news, Efterklang has announced their next album, Piramida, which is slated to release later this year.  The Danish group will be playing this album in full during the upcoming tour, which starts Down Under at the end of May.  Also with a new album slated for this year are the California boys from Division Day.  They stay busy by remixing in their free time, and this Depeche Mode remix doesn’t need heavy bass to enhance the already remix-friendly DM.

The Hundred in the Hands, one of the great ambassadors of music in our eyes, have a new single out.  ”Keep It Low” keeps the chill vibe going and will surely arrive on your personal popular lists.    The trio from Eight and a Half just released their self-titled debut on April 10.  This Toronto group have extensive tour plans, mostly outside of the US, so get the album and be the first of your friends to know about them.  Enjoy your weekend!

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Division Day Remix) [DM] [DD]
Channel Cairo – A Year (Keljet Remix) [Channel Cairo] [Keljet]
A Lull – Some Love (P.A. Harper Remix) [A Lull] [P.A. Harper]
Dom – Living In America [Artist]
Efterklang – Modern Drift (Oh No Ono Remix) [Efterklang] [Oh No Ono]
Tycho – Dive (Memoryhouse Remix) [Tycho] [Memoryhouse]
The Hundred In The Hands – Keep It Low [Artist]
Eight and a Half – Scissors [Artist]
The xx – Intro (Matt Rosendin Remix) [The xx] [Matt Rosendin]
Glasser – Mirrorage [Artist]