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MusicUnderFire | February 13, 2016

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Song of the Week: Fotoshop – Release

Song of the Week: Fotoshop – Release
  • On 05/21/2012

First off, we’d like to thank Russia for the loads of spam you’ve been delivering to us.  Surely your internet goods aren’t selling too well and link-bait is apparently going to help you do well on our site.

While we’re still on foreign subjects, perhaps that makes this the perfect segway to this week’s Song of the Week.  Fotoshop released their album Lifeforms on November 20th of last year and while that date may have come and gone, it gives us an opportunity to pull a track from a band we would have otherwise never known about.

Fotoshop are from Helsinki, Finland, a geographical location with an abundance of mountains unlike those around here.  Fotoshop is quite proud of that fact too as their cover for Lifeforms (above) gives us just a glimpse of what we aren’t accustomed to seeing on a daily basis.

Their track “Release” is unlike what you would expect from a Finnish band.  The rhythm is like Toto’s “Aftica, yet has a low-fi type of electronica like that of The Radio Dept.  For more about Lifeforms or to stream the band’s other songs, go to their Bankcamp page.

Fotoshop – Release (demo version)

Fotoshop – Release (album version)