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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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Preview: The Walkmen Set To Release ‘Heaven’ In Two Weeks

Preview: The Walkmen Set To Release ‘Heaven’ In Two Weeks
  • On 05/16/2012

The Walkmen‘s latest album titled Heaven will be released on 6/5 via Fat Possum.

Despite their hit or miss sound, one that we cannot completely sip on for a full hour, their latest track “Heaven” certainly gives a glimpse of it.  It would be an understatement to say The Walkmen have certainly flown under the radar since 2002, slowly crafting their own sound and quietly slipping into everyone’s back pockets only to realize, “Oh yeah, I love these guys.”

Although their style and intangibility to pop and mainstream indie listeners is possibly something that has kept them out of the limelight, “Heaven” once again provides that balanced sound The Walkmen know how to deliver and will surely gain single-seekers and perhaps some attention from the Billboard charts.  “Heaven” is simplicity at its best with its tried-and-true format and a rolling melody you won’t be able to rip your ears from.  Now, suddenly, we’re all thinking about The Walkmen all over again and all because of one simple track.

Their album cover on the other hand is a fantastic representation of the link between the curiosity of what heaven is by simply placing a befuddled child on a couch that looks like it is something in a funeral parlor.  The band’s press photo tells a different story showing a man and wife with their two children, which I can’t quite make sense out of.

Yet again, I’m looking forward to the 6/5 release of Heaven and all/any attention geared towards these guys.  They certainly deserve it after 10 years of hard work.

You can preorder their new album, Heaven, on their official site.

The Walkmen – Heaven (radio edit)

Heaven Tracklist

1. We Can’t Be Beat
2. Love Is Luck
3. Heartbreaker
4. The Witch
5. Southern Heart
6. Line by Line
7. Song for Leigh
8. Nightingales
9. Jerry Jr.’s Tune
10. The Love You Love
11. Heaven
12. No One Ever Sleeps
13. Dreamboat

The Walkmen Heaven Album Art



Can't wait for this album!! The songs I've heard sound amazing. This is one that needs to be shared.


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