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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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Weekend Burn: Beach House – Myth

Weekend Burn: Beach House – Myth

Maybe we’re still heading into a dream through Beach House’s track “Gila”, but “Myth” could be the next transcending worlds track for your late-night slumber.  Something about the lull of the guitar from the high to low chords in a very easygoing fashion has me seeing stars as I float in a balloon over the ocean.  Okay, so my daydreaming isn’t your exact ticket, but Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand certainly captured the magic that keeps their carefree music so timeless.

Bloom, the duo’s fourth album, is set to release on May 15 off of Sub Pop Records.  For more on them, check out their website and Facebook.

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  villas in spain
villas in spain

Beaches is not only the way where you come with your family but also enjoyed with the love of one.. I always want that i would come here with my lover or enjoyed our happiest time with each other..


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