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MusicUnderFire | February 8, 2016

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15 Photos of Radiohead’s Insane Stage Set [Camden, NJ, 6/13/12]

15 Photos of Radiohead’s Insane Stage Set [Camden, NJ, 6/13/12]
  • On 06/19/2012

Last week, we were extremely lucky to catch Radiohead‘s concert in Camden, NJ.  We were equally as lucky to not be involved in the tragic occurrence that happened earlier this week which was the result of one of the most insane stage set-ups I’ve ever witnessed live.  U2, you don’t have anything on this.

Thom Yorke, in all beardlyness, continued to grow his hair into a ponytail and dance around the stage as his fellow band-mates proved once again why they are the best rock show on Earth today.  This show was no exception – it was perhaps the best show I’ve ever attended.

The pictures you’ll see below are all from the same angle, but you’ll see the vivid colors which cannot be even captured by photo from 50 yards away.  The 12 high-definition TVs strung from above were the most unlikely effect I could have imagined.  Wires moved the suspended lighting accessories from position to position.  Shown above, the deep reds were a beautiful accent to the music Radiohead played.  Shown just below, the TVs affixed themselves as quasi-office lighting.  Every color, every movement on stage and each song I was hoping to play was accentuated by the unprecedented stage lighting.  Lighting which towered over the stadium and was a vivid gift to each ticket-owner.

Overall, Radiohead played for about 2 hours, or up until the Noise ordinance takes effect in Camden (11 PM).  Two encores were played (setlist below) and a new song titled “Identikit” was played as well.

Philly’s media giant,, got much better photos than we did, albeit all during one song no doubt given the consistent color schemes, but you get the picture (pun intended).  Our guess?  That photographer showed up mid-set and went home after one song.

Here’s the setlist, and a picture of it thanks to

  1. Bloom
  2. There There
  3. Kid A
  4. Morning Mr. Magpie
  5. The Gloaming
  6. Separator
  7. Lucky
  8. Like Spinning Plates
  9. Identikit
  10. 15 Step
  11. Nude
  12. Lotus Flower
  13. Paranoid Android
  14. Feral
  15. Little by Little
  16. Idioteque
  17. Give Up The Ghost (Encore #1) (This is usually the 1st song of the 2nd encore)
  18. Staircase
  19. I Might Be Wrong
  20. Bodysnatchers
  21. House Of Cards (Encore #2)
  22. Reckoner
  23. True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place