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MusicUnderFire | February 11, 2016

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Show Review: Devin, The Cribs @ Johnny Brenda’s 6/5/12

Show Review: Devin, The Cribs @ Johnny Brenda’s 6/5/12

Heading into Tuesday’s Devin and The Cribs show and the first show on their tour together, I expected some distortion, some rabid fans and some low lighting.  I got all of this and much more as the two groups lashed out a punkish pair of sets that had my ears ringing in a good way.

Devin arrived on stage a few ticks after 9 and immediately grabbed the attention of the arriving crowd with vocals reminiscent of Julian Casablancas or just 70s punk rockers.  The entire set revolved around the newly released Romancing album, which reached stores on April 10.

From the electric guitar and vocals (Devin), bass guitar (Steve) and drum sets (Angus), the trembling speakers gyrated between simply-layered, solo-less glam rock songs that seemed fairly contemporary to the chest cavity shaking that Devin’s vocals thrive with.  Even though the group has only been playing together since February, they appeared to be solidly on the same page.  When asked after the set how he felt with his new bandmates, Devin said,  ”This is the best band I’ve ever been in.”

We highly suggest catching Devin live, especially during this tour and with Romancing having just being released.  Check out the tour dates here .  For more on Devin, check out their website, Facebook and Twitter.

With a large fanfare to show for it, The Cribs headlined in pure punk fashion as Gary Jarman, one of the group’s two lead singers, nervously hovered over the microphone and threw himself into every beat.  Alongside his half-screamed vocals was calming co-lead vocalist and twin brother Ryan, the distortion from David Jones (Nine Black Alps) and the high-hat heavy drums from the third brother Ross, the UK band pressed the speakers to their limits.

Much of the set focused on their latest, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, yet they comfortably pulled tracks from all of their other three albums, including their 2008 breakout Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever.  Even when fans requested multiple songs, the band gladly obliged and everyone continued to go nuts.

The Cribs aren’t punk, but they definitely play the distortion level to perfection.  There was no encore as they swung through everything a fan could order up, so there was really no need, although if given a chance to come back, they probably would have.  Among the highlights of their set included the track “Be Save”, in which a screen was dropped from the ceiling and Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo spoke his soliloquy as the group jammed below in the screen’s glow.

For more on The Cribs and their tour, head to their website.    For everything else with the group, check out their Twitter.

Set List
I’m a Realist
Cheat on Me
Come On Be a No One
Hey Scenesters
Back to the Bolt Hole
Mirror Kissers
Jaded Youth
Another Number
Direction/Baby Don’t Sweat It
Be Save
Glitters Like Gold
We Were Aborted
Men’s Need
City of Bugs

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Awesome-sauce. I really dug The Cribs tracks you posted alongside the review.


Glad to hear - you need to listen to the whole men's needs women's needs whatever album if you haven't done so already.