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MusicUnderFire | February 13, 2016

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Video: Violens – When To Let Go

  • On 06/20/2012

It’s times like these when I wish I owned my own music video channel so I could bring it back to the days of just music and videos.  Where watching videos of a man and a woman duking it out on a beach never felt so good as this one did.

Violens’ video premiered their new video today for “When To Let Go”, which according to this video, is never.  Ever.  Even if that person bites you on your thigh or puts you in a headlock.  These things just aren’t supposed to happen while you’re on a secluded beach, but are apparently quickly forgiven.  Let me clarify: Forgiven until the woman raises the severity of this man’s punishments to DEFCON 5, AKA a conch shell bloodbath.

What makes this video so glorious is the simplicity by both song and video.  The obvious parity of romance / beach / and ridiculous fighting all makes for a great analogy which we’ve seen in many unhealthy relationships.  The beach being romance, the thigh-biting representing abuse and the kissing representing an overall abusive relationship filled with bad choices by both parties.  We’ve all seen these relationships – that girl or guy just doesn’t know what they’re doing anymore.

The video as a whole just represents how ridiculous these people look in a relationship with each other and for that, I applaud Violens for their stark analogy here.  I also enjoyed the sand people in the background, which is the only element I haven’t figured out in this video.