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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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New Music Releases For Tuesday 7/24/2012

New Music Releases For Tuesday 7/24/2012
  • On 07/25/2012

This week is particularly special, and I’ll tell you why.  One of our favorite albums this year is out today!  In addition to the ridiculous amount of great music out this week (perhaps the best week yet this summer), that stunning album we’re excited about comes  from The Blakes, titled Art of Losses.  The album itself moves from The Dandy Warhols’ to Modest Mouse and David Bowie-like vocals.  The album is inescapable, offering something for every rock genre all the way down to my favorite track (surely to be on our year end lists) titled “Sea Fishing (Slow It Down)”.  We highly recommend checking this out on iTunes.

The rest of the releases this week are just jaw-dropping.  Passion Pit’s second album Gossamer is also out today.  The group has prided themselves on their electro-pop innovation.  There’s really nothing like these guys out there.  Although this is only their second album as a follow-up to Manners, the group has done countless remixes from Goyte to Phoenix.  Passion Pit are on top of their game.

We could write forever about Blood Red Shoes.  Sweet vocals from Laura-Mary Carter and complimenting melodies from Steven Ansell make this England duo an easy pick for this week with In Time To VoicesThe Gaslight Anthem are out with Handwritten.  If I hear one more person mention how they’re like Bruce Springsteen, I’ll blow my brains out – but it’s true.  You’ve probably already heard their new single “45″ on the radio, but check it out on iTunes if you’ve yet to experience it.

It’s not even fair listing Three Mile Pilot this far down the list – they’ve been compared to Radiohead, although I only see nuances of that in them, rather more creativity is food for comparison.  3MP have been around since 91′, perfecting their sound and moving forward with each release.

Closing out our picks for this week are Micachu & the Shapes with Never, Fang Island with Major and Foals with Tapes.  There’s just too much to go through this week, so enjoy!

Alchemist – Russian Roulette [Artist]
Anywhere – Anywhere [Artist]
Blood Red Shoes – In Time to Voices [Artist]
Bonnie Prince Billy – Now Here’s My Plan [Artist]
Dela – Translation Lost [Artist]
Fang Island – Major [Artist]
Foals – Tapes [Artist]
John Frusciante – Letur-Lefr [Artist]
Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten [Artist]
Heavenly Beat – Talent [Artist]
Jeremiah Jae – Raw Money Raps [Artist]
Shawn Lee – Synthesizers in Space [Artist]
Micachu & the Shapes – Never [Artist]
Om – Advaitic Songs [Artist]
Ondatropica – Ondatropica [Artist]
Passion Pit – Gossamer [Artist]
Purity Ring – Shrines [Artist]
Laetitia Sadier – Silencio [Artist]
Searching For Sugarman – Soundtrack [Artist]
Slipknot – Antennas to Hell [Artist]
Sofrito – International [Artist]
Summer Camp – Always EP [Artist]
The Blakes – Art of Losses [Artist]
Three Mile Pilot – Maps [Artist]

Tom Polysonic
Tom Polysonic

Really enjoying the new Passion Pit stuff, it's great that they're back on such good form!


Thanks for the kind words, Joe! Yes, there's a lot out there and we try to focus on the ones that aren't featured by the pop sites. Hope you found something you liked this week. Cheers!


This is my first time to catch your "New Music Releases" article, loved the quick review and a link to listen to several songs a great way to check out new music. Love to hear new music, the world has so much to offer!!!


Same here - excellent link to Pitchfork's article about Angelakos. Thanks for the comment, Jen!


Totally agreed. Passion Pit is doing big things right now. Even made it as Pitchfork's first artist for their Cover Story Series ( I'm really impressed with the album. Hoping Michael Angelakos can make a full recovery so they can get back to playing some shows!