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MusicUnderFire | February 11, 2016

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Lost in the Shuffle: 10 Tracks We Missed

Lost in the Shuffle: 10 Tracks We Missed

For those of us who have only been turned onto a group once a track hit the radio, we’re sympathetic.  Tokyo Police Club’s Elephant Shell convinced us to listen to previous work from the group, “Lisztomania” corralled Phoenix fans with just one song and even Bon Iver shed some light on his well-established collection with last year’s self-titled album.  It’s with these sort of missing it instances that we want to share some of the misses we’ve had.

Beach House‘s “Zebra” released back in 2010 off of Teen Dream, and while we knew other tracks from the group, this was a hidden gem.  After a year a half, Takénobu released a cover of “Zebra” that we want everyone to hear.  The cover plays homage to the original in beat and tempo, but Takénobu took his own classical approach with this song.

Takénobu - Zebra (Beach House cover)

“Ghost” from Bombay Bicycle Club originally came on 2007′s How We Are EP.  The track eventually made it onto the group’s first album a few years later.  Seeing groups like this that are huge in the UK and just whispers in the US always amazes me (The KIlls, The Wombats, Athlete).

Bombay Bicycle Club – Ghost

Before these tracks and artists pass us by, “Warm Night Home” from Hands and “We’re On Our Way” from Radical Face both arrived  last October.  Hands, the LA outfit of Geoffrey Halliday, Ryan Sweeney, Sean Hess and Alex Staniloff, released their Massive Context EP in April and are currently in the studio/bedrooms working on more material.  The EP can be streamed on their Bandcamp page.  Radical Face, or Ben Cooper, gets lost easily since Cooper splits his time between Electric President, Iron Orchestra and Mother’s Basement.  ”We’re On Our Way” came off of Radical Face’s sophomore album The Family Tree: The Roots.

Hands – Warm Night Home

Radical Face – We’re On Our Way

Teen Daze and Steffaloo seem to be everywhere now.  Teen Daze gets remixed, remixes and just gets the electronic ball rolling with everyone, including Brothertiger, whom we showcased remixes of a few weeks ago.  Steffaloo, which is Steph Thompson, has recently appeared on Germany Germany’s album Blank Mind Empty Heart as well as Sacred Animal‘s track for “On Fire.”  We can’t say enough about Sacred Animals either.  Darragh Nolan tends to be a go-to artist we follow on Facebook and Twitter thanks to his integration in the Irish independent scene.

Teen Daze – The Future

Steffaloo – Red Runs Free (Sun Glitters Remix)

Sacred Animals vs Owensie – Cat and Mouse

Zulu Winter‘s Language will undoubtedly rank high at the end of this year for us, and while “Silver Tongue” steals most of the attention, “We Should Be Swimming” pulls our heartstrings. We also consider Deerhoof a mainstay that tends to get overlooked due to their constant supply of albums and shows to attend, but “Fête d’Adieu” or ‘farewell party’ shouldn’t be lost in the shuffle.

Zulu Winter – We Should Be Swimming

Deerhoof – Fête d’Adieu

Lastly, the newest group out of the bunch (Carousel) only banded together last November and have a Faded Paper Figure-type bedroom pop.  Get your headphones on, turn up your speakers, and hit play.

Carousel – Games

Use the player at the bottom right of the page to play through all of the songs, or head to The Hype Machine where all of our music can be streamed.