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MusicUnderFire | February 9, 2016

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Premiere: Black Pistol Fire – Trigger On My Fire [Video]

Premiere: Black Pistol Fire – Trigger On My Fire [Video]

There’s something to be said about bands who could care less about where they play, just as long as they get the party started.  So it is for Black Pistol Fire, who, in their latest video for their single “Trigger On My Fire” brings Southern rock and punk together in one classy anthem.  The Canadian duo from Toronto, comprised of Kevin McKeown (Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Eric Owen (Drums) packs explosive energy into this two-man band, facial hair and all.  Black Pistol Fire, who have now been playing together for three years, could most easily be compared to Jack White and company of The White Stripes.  That said, it is probably no coincidence their latest record was produced by Jim Diamond (White Stripes).  Classic elements of rock and roll with the party rock style of Andrew W K. make this a must-have track for your next house party.

The video itself shows the typical dejection of playing in crappy venues (inside a bathroom) led by a low-life band manager, as a Mark Wahlberg-esque McKeown brings his charisma to a growing crowd inside someone’s house.  Of course their music can only mean one thing, ‘party’, and what more could we expect here?  As a party ensues, this presumed dead-beat struggling band make quite the scene in their latest video.  Perhaps now you’re thinking this video is one big parody, which it is.


Check out more Black Pistol Fire on Facebook and Twitter.  Their new album titled Big Beat 59 was released on August 14 and is available on iTunes via Rifle Bird Records.

Video: Black Pistol Fire – Trigger On My Fire