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MusicUnderFire | February 11, 2016

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Remixes: Brothertiger

Remixes: Brothertiger

Perhaps the next playlist you’ll introduce your friends to will be loaded with Brothertiger.  It’s quite possible since the tracks that John Jagos remixes and produces, while from various artists, bring a calming, electronic dance aura through the speakers.

The Toledo, OH native arrived on the spinning scene back in 2010 and was green in the scene but hardly in heart.  The tracks below possess the chillwave touch he enhances each with, including Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Blackbird Blackbird’s synth-friendly “Happy High”.

We last mentioned Brothertiger before the the release of Golden Years, which was the debut album for Jagos’ project, and we couldn’t be much more into his work now.  In short, the album brought us to all of the other Brothertiger music and back again.  His most recent split single of remixes with Soft Lightning reminisced of 90s dance beats in a cosmic atmosphere.  The Point of View EP from 2011 showed us the bedroom pop side.  Lastly, the 2010 Vision Tunnels EP spoke of club rhythms and a slight trance fascination.

To listen to more Brothertiger, check out his Bandcamp and Soundcloud.  For all other info, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

A Lull – Some Love (Brothertiger Remix)
A Million Years – By Yourself (Brothertiger Remix)
Brothertiger – Lovers (Jesse Ruins Remix)
Brothertiger – A House of Many Ghosts (Frightnight Remix)
Casa del Mirto – Faces (Brothertiger Remix)
Flashlights – Slow Down (Brothertiger Remix)
Soft Lighting – Up All Night (Brothertiger Remix)
Teen Daze – Brooklyn Sunburn (Brothertiger Remix)
TECLA – Rollercoasters In Woods (Brothertiger Remix)
Brothertiger – Feel (Krusht Remix)
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Brothertiger Remix)
Brothertiger – You’re Afraid (The Deadstock 33S Remix)
Blackbird Blackbird – Happy High (Brothertiger Remix)
Keep Shelly in Athens – Evening Glow (Brothertiger Remix)


The Queen remix was disappointing. I just sounds like the pasted the vocals over a completely different song. The Keep Shelly in Athens remix is great though.


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