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MusicUnderFire | February 12, 2016

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Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 08/24/12


Hello, darlings! Doesn’t it make you sad that summer is almost officially over? I find myself up at night worrying about the cold, the dark, and the awkward sweater moments of the chiller months. But there is no escaping the earlier sunsets, the brisk wind, and the fall clothing line ups.

The only thing not in transition is the sound of awesome. This week’s list was patiently selected with a little resistance and force. Despite the battle scars, these artists have made it through, banjos and all.

1. Weapons of Audio - “Dreams”/Dreams

Oh, we’ve got ourselves two southern gentlemen, lovelies. Brothers Jeremy, with his flawless falsetto, and Floyd, with his fluid rap flow, are delighting music lovers with their art. “Dreams” is a new track from the ATL duo in light of their upcoming Check Yo Ponytail 2 show out in Los Angeles. It’s electronica hip hop and R&B, well-balanced with Jeremy’s smooth funk and Floyd’s undeniably suave rap, comparable to Common and Andre 3000. Toss in a thumping bass and charming guitar, and a girl can’t help but swoon. Besides,  there’s a free download of this greatness. I’m sold.


2. Cloud Seeding - “The Light” feat. Nadine Carina/The Light

The ultimate indie experience is through “The Light” featuring Nadine Carina. Cloud Seeding, Kevin Serra’s musical project, has created a delicate harmonic sound with ghostly vocals and intricate instrumentals. There’s a peaceful uneasiness this track elicits, which makes it completely decadent. The saccharinity of Nadine Carina’s voice melded, but not overshadowed, by Serra’s translucent sound makes it impossible to distinguish which deserves the credit for the sheer awesomeness of this therapeutic scrumptiousness. In the end, it’s all on repeat.


3. Sara Niemietz - “Anomala”/Push Play EP

Sara Niemietz is an Illinois native who is finding her way through L.A. This divine songstress is a soulful and poppy crossbreed with a spirited sound. Her track “Anomala,” from her Push Play EP  released back in June of this year, is reminiscent of contemporary greats like such as Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor. Her talent is already envied and enjoyed by music lovers everywhere; her name already eliciting shameful squeals of joy. She has enough sass and playfulness to match up with her creative and intellectual lyricism. In short: she’s amazing because I said so (but mostly because she proved it). Click, play, share. Kthanxbuhbye!


4. Patric Lindvall – “Still I Run”/Still I Run

I already had a love for the Swedish (thanks to chocolate and Eric Northman) but Patric Lindvall came along with his pastoral sound and stole my heart again. “Still I Run” is a track off his unintentionally created EP/album available on soundcloud. This young Sweden native must’ve had a past life down in the country because his rustic folk sound is authentic and heartfelt. Lindvall encompasses the warmth and complexity of solitary truth while keeping the peaceful simplicity I love. His acoustic tenderness is a force to be reckoned with.


5. Joy Kills Sorrow - “Jason”/This Unknown Science

And on the seventh day He rested…chilling to sounds of Joy Kills Sorrow. No, that’s not an accurate biblical statement, but I’m sure that had they been created, they’d be on the heavenly playlist. Joy Kills Sorrow is best described as Tim Burton in the form of a band: eerie, cool, enticing, imaginative, and innovative. They tease, they compose, and they exemplify brilliance. Yes, I’m excited. Maybe it’s because this vid could not be more perfect. Maybe it’s because lead vocalist Emma Beaton is undeniably one of the best kept treasures in the musical world. Maybe it’s because her beautiful voice is luminous against the lusciousness of sound created by her fellow band mates (Wes Corbett on his trusty banjo, Matt Arcara on the geetar, Jacob my-freakin-hero Jolliff on the mandolin, and Bridget Kearney on the double bass)…. Or maybe, just maybe I’m giving you something more awesome than ordering a twenty piece nugget meal at one in the morning only to have your order quadrupled for free because the greasy teenager taking orders thought you were cute and you’re too happy to care if it’s wrong to wink and honk as you speed away in glee (true story)! But I digress. Watch, listen, and watch again.


6. Mado Smith - “DHNM”/Tenderfoot EP

Oh, Mr. Smith, Mr. Smith! There is something sensually delicious about this Charleston native. It’s the mysterious, smooth reverberations and sonic beat of his rhythm and blues. It’s also the summoning of seduction and vulnerability through his eclectic musical transcendence. Mmmhmm… I am a believer of this Maxwell-meets-Sade-for-dinner-with-a-stop-at-Kid Cudi’s-for-a-Bob Marley-marathon-and-guitar-session-with-some-spiked-iced-tea musician. His ability to produce ambient electro blues emotions through languid instrumentals and nearly unintelligible words is honorable and addicting. His Tenderfoot EP was just released in the beginning of August and is available at bandcamp.


7. Ayah Marar - “Unstoppable”/The Real

Born in Jordan, Miss. Ayah Marar made the journey over to England to discover her place in the musical world. It was apparently in electro-pop bass. Her legions of “bunheads” are proof of her strength and musical genius. Ayah is fierce and has the edginess of Gaga, the dance power of Ke$ha, and the confidence to match. It’s her Hussle Girl label and musical collaborations with the likes of Calvin Harris that make this “Queen of Bass” a powerhouse. Word on the street is 2012 is the year of the Marar, so watch out for that album release and watch this unstoppable woman’s video.


8. Emma - “Kisameen”/Emma

This self-described “psychedelic electronic rock” band from Northern England has created downtempo tracks that offer a mellow transient ambience between soft rock and eletro-pop. Their musical influences, such as the Deftones and Junior Boys give listeners an idea of what to expect from this talented young band. Emma is as sweet as the name; its pop music elements having been well acquainted with its synth components. “Kisameen” in particular is what some would call “golden fields and sunny skies,” do to its airiness and fluidity. From the intro to the fade out, Emma delivers and they do it so well. Did I mention that free download? Oh yes, another winner.


9. Jordsy - “Soon Enough”/Exile In Colour

Somebody please buy me a Volkswagen so I can blast this with my windows down! No? That’s cool, I’ll dance anyway. Jordsy, my Canadian friend, I welcome you to the list. The enticing call of “Soon Enough” catches the ear from the beginning with its tongue-in-cheek cheerfulness and chorus of whistles. I don’t think skipping would be uncalled for when this track is heard. It does deserve a couple of jumps as it gathers a crowd with a bass line that carries the track like a literal heartbeat. “She spoke to me like a…sun shining down on a broken human…” Jordsy vocalizes, and I know the feeling: this song. So go to your happy place and press play.


10. Coed Pageant - “Fritz’s Restaurant”/The Season’s EPs Vol 3: Sundry Summer

For a two-piece side project band, Coed Pageant has a charismatic, folk sound that delivers a magical punch through their “Fritz’s Restaurant” track. Bradley and Gretchen Bergstrand are a harmonious duo that tells stories in an honest, sing-along that makes you want to lie out in the grass and imagine. To be short, they’re what incredible would look and sound like in a nicely packed package.