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MusicUnderFire | February 10, 2016

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Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 09/15/12

Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 09/15/12

Hola, kiddies! I’ve been digging up the goods. Are you ready for it? Maybe even a little something extra…? I’m feeling extra excited. I’m off to Bermuda for the week, so I’ll catch you guys on the flipside!

In the meantime, hold onto to your speedos and sweaters, babies! Here’s your weekly ten!

1. The Do/YUS“Bohemian Dances (YUS REMIX)”/YUS

This song actually makes me feel cool, which is saying a lot considering that I’m not cool…Nevertheless, the dope chillness of this track is undeniable. You’ve got to lean in and get the feel to appreciate the vibes of YUS. The urban sound puts a unique twist on the original and proves this Phoenix native has a sharp ear.

2. The Neo-Kalashnikovs – “Diamonds”/She’s On Heat

This grunge-rock threesome is awesomeness breed from the same family of awesomeness. They are siblings, rocking out like they’re from a whole other musical era. They pay a great deal of respect to the rock’n’roll world and their track “Diamonds” paints a fine image of hard love. You’re completely enthralled by the rifts and vocals and our transported to a place of genuine melodic modern rock. So, shine on, shine on, babies, when you click play.


3. Cherose – “Answer Me!”/Intro to Final Examination 2: Greatness

Cherose is a Nigerian music producer is throwing it down on latest works. Her religious influence and music training is the core of her tracks. “Answer Me!” is uniquely orchestrated to demonstrate her musical flexibility; her vocal training, her rap game, beat production, and lyricism. She’s charmingly strange and unbounded to the rulebooks of music genres.


4. Abel– “Fire Walk With Me”/Make It Right

This Poughkeepsie, New York foursome is doing the screamo-indie-rock some serious justice. They’re a Linkin Park-meets-Sum 41-after-Sunday-brunch-with-Relient K. I dig ‘em and they sing a mean tune. Their grit, harmony, and genuine sound are worth a listen…or two. Their album Make It Right is available on bandcamp September 18th.

5. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - “Stars”/The Lion the Beast the Beat

If you don’t know Grace, you don’t know jack, as in nothing, not Jack, Jack. He’s a good guy…At any rate; this folk, pop, rock, awesome sauce is the new single from this legendary group. Grace is doing the damn thing, ripping away at the geetar like the pro she is and belting out her heart. I lit a fire with the love you left behind/It burned wild/And crept up the mountainside… I should just stop typing! If you aren’t in love yet, you’ll never want to try it after this! JK…kinda.

6. The Avett Brothers - “Live and Die”/The Carpenter

Dear Avett Brothers, I would sincerely like to have your babies, each one of you. Sincerely, Me… Le sigh. These boys can do no wrong with their Americana country sound. Any man with a banjo (with the exception of some creepy lost-in-the-woods-scene) is a winner! The Avett Brothers are back at it, singing their incredibly talented North Carolina tails off. You can see these fellas selling out stadiums just as well as you can see them on your front porch. I wanna love you and more/I wanna find you and more/Where do you reside/When you hide? It’s playful, it’s charming, and love is so disarming… (total accident, poetic genius)!


7. Grandpa Was a Lion - “Texas Forever”/Two Days in June 

Justin D’Onofrio is the Connecticut based artist behind Grandpa Was a Lion. The name itself is enough to garner some attention, but his gentle vocal tremble, soft strum, and fantastical approach to dreamy lyricism and ambience are the real attention getters. “Texas Forever” delves into some dark spots, some hopeful reliefs, and a whole lot of ephemeral trance sounds. It’s calming, but distortive, and indisputably artistic.


8. Dalton - “Breaker”/Dalton EP

Nate Harar’s solo project Dalton is releasing a self-titled debut with a single “Breaker.” Dalton has been compared to David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, and other fine artists. His new age poppy rock with old school nostalgia gives listeners a full volume, rich sound, layered in instrumentals and raspy vocals. You flow with this song in an I-can’t-help-but-sway-to-the-beat-because-I’m-feeling-niiiiice kinda way.


9. Wax Fang - “Mirror, Mirror”/Mirror, Mirror EP

Wax Fang is a longstanding band that I stumbled across. Their distinct approach to music with their newly released single “Mirror, Mirror,” was, as Spin Magazine called it, an “equal parts prog, Sknyrd and Broadway.” It is quite theatrical, drawling listeners in with a brilliant composed, accapella stretch of flawless singing before dropping the beat to rock out. I dig it. I felt all Phantom-of-the-Opera-meets-Ozzy-Osbourne-badass. Mirror, Mirror EP is out in October!

10. Blak Lyons – “California”/Blak Lyons EP 

Now a little love for Argentina. Blak Lyon is an amazing band with a youthful blast of sound. I’m holding onto summer with these boys! They’re a milder Ataris-meet-Phantom Planet-sunshine-on-my-skin type of group with a love for music. Lead singer Tomas Giambruni has a tenderness and strength to his voice that is perfect for the harmonious sounds of his fellow bandmates Francisco Bianchi (drums) and cousins Ezequiel Gomez de Lima (lead guitar) and Diego Antonelli (bass). “California” is a discussion about the power of being desirable to the point of being damaged. It’s straightforward and elicits feelings of desertion and disappointment. Gran trabajo, chicos! Check out the EP here!



Ms. Dominique Pruitt has released the video for her grand song “To Win Your Love.” She’s as adorable as she is talented!