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MusicUnderFire | February 6, 2016

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Coldplay B-Sides, Rarities and Unreleased Songs [Part II]

Coldplay B-Sides, Rarities and Unreleased Songs [Part II]
  • On 10/11/2012

As mentioned in Part 1 of our Coldplay B-Sides, Rarities and Unreleased Songs, we owe a lot of the discovery of these songs and MP3s to the fans of Coldplay and their adoring, obsessive mentality to find everything Coldplay has ever done.  I think if you put Part II here and Part I together, you have a pretty rare set, much of which I spent a great deal of time finding.  Many of these songs were easier to find than others and have been played many times over the course of the past 8-10 years.  Others you might hear for the first time.

While I tried to dig deeper than most have gone, I think I have still come up with much of the same found on and many of the other fan sites, however I still think there is more to find, discover and share.  So please, if there is something you don’t see, let me know and perhaps there will be a Part III down the road.

See Part 1 of  our Coldplay B-Sides, Rarities and Unreleased Songs

Again, I hope this saved you unrelenting Coldplay fans some time searching tirelessly for something new and unfound.  Let’s keep this going, shall we?

MP3: Coldplay – Ladder To The Sun

Sensing a pattern here?  Yes, we’ve got another unreleased live track… One which a studio recording cannot be found anywhere.  This song was played during Coldplay’s 2003 tour, the tour which they released their live album containing “Moses”.  You can hear the style of piano playing very similar to “Clocks” here.  ”Ladder To The Sun” remains one of my favorite songs that have never seen an official release.

MP3: Coldplay – The Fall Of Man

This track is another demo recorded by Chris Martin in the Viva La Vida era.  I’m sure you’re sensing a pattern here; yes, lots seemed to be leaked during this time.  This demo track seems to be more complete than most, which makes it more odd why it was not released.

MP3: Coldplay – The Goldrush

One of my favorite tracks on this list may not be considered a B-side by some because it was on the Life In Technicolor II EP.  But to me the track is just glowing with creativity.  With a rare view of Coldplay drummer, Will Champion’s vocals at the helm, this track is remniscent of the playful Sgt. Pepper’s era of the Beatles.  I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this track and while it would move far away from their stadium rock following, I would really like to see a full album of the same style.

MP3: Coldplay  - The Man Who Swears

Recorded as a demo from the Viva La Vida era, this track reminds me of a song you would sing in the shower about one of your neighbors.  Something like this just shows you how basic some of the thoughts behind these songs really are.  Finishing them into a polished piece of art is another project.  Gladly, this one did not make any albums or EPs.

MP3: Coldplay – Wedding Bells

Looking ahead, you’ll see that we’ve got two of the same track.  The first was an early version of the song “Wedding Bells”, the second… well, we will get to that.  It’s been said that Coldplay used lyrics from Wedding Bells in their song “Christmas Lights”.  While the song has been said to not be ruled out for inclusion on Coldplay’s 5th album (Mylo Xyloto), we all know that was a farce now.  Coldplay has been known to take parts of their previous songs and move the pieces around to create a new song, so this could just as well be the case if the “Christmas Lights Theory” were true.  Our opinion?  This one may someday see the light of day.  I don’t think Coldplay is done releasing b-sides.

MP3: Coldplay – Wedding Bells (live)

It’s more than obvious that this track was live from Apple’s Keynote Speech in 2009.  But as we know from above, this song is just another version (a better quality version at that) with Martin going solo and revealing a song in its full-form for the first time.  Personally, the first version above would sound much better mastered than this one, but for posterity’s sake, the Apple crowd has seen this one.

MP3: Coldplay - Your Love Means Everything, Part 2 (Faultline, feat. Chris Martin)

This song just resonates with me.  In fact, it’s already been redone by Coldplay fans in their own versions.  There’s something really magical about this song, and perhaps its mainly due to collaboration with Faultline.  But the focus on Martin’s vocals and the simplicity of the keyboard bring the basic elements we all love to the forefront.  Lyrics, keyboard and ambiance.  Perfect.

MP3: Coldplay – A Ghost

I don’t think there are too many die-hard Coldplay fans who don’t know this song, as it’s been asked thousands of times when it will show up on an album.  To our misfortune, this song in all of its live glory here, never made the cut.  On the contrary, the live version, while I tried to get the best possible quality, still comes out a bit overshadowed by the low-quality in which it was recorded.  I think I speak for the rest of the Coldplay community when I ask if there is a better version, please let me know.

MP3: Coldplay – Bloodless Revolution

We know the name of this song because Martin says it before the song begins.  As we heard on Part 1 of our B-Sides, Rarities and Unreleased Songs, that there were several songs that Martin seemed to record one after the next as a way of memorializing that he came up with the idea and the possibility that it might be on the chopping block for their next album.  But I think, while its great that this song exists, I’m quite glad it did not make the cut.  Still though, an unreleased song is worth its weight in gold as far as I’m concerned.

MP3: Coldplay – Bucket For A Crown

We’re going in some sort of odd alphabetical order now as we get into “Bucket For A Crown”.  What’s interesting here is the repeated thought of a crown or a model of power presented in song form.  We’ve seen this time and time again; Martin seems fixated on a vision of power and how it will affect us all.  More recently, this was shown in their new video for “Hurts Like Heaven”.  And again, this was somewhat of a theme throughout the more popular songs in Viva La Vida.

MP3: Coldplay - Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue Cover) (live)

Not much needs to be said here.  There are versions of other pop songs (other than Coldplay’s own) out there, but a cover of Kylie Minogue’s seems even more odd to find.  ”Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” stuck in the limelight back in 2001.  That said, this one is undoubtedly aging itself.

MP3: Coldplay - Don Quixote (Spanish Rain)

This song is in the same boat as a song we wrote about in Part 1 called “The Dubliners”.  I think it has great potential as a transition song on an album to be.  It’s a bit more lengthy than anticipated, but the upbeat guitar and crowd participation clearly shows the favorabe qualities of this song.  Perhaps Coldplay are playing in Spain here, but regardless, this one will never see the light of day either.  Why don’t you ever get wet in Spanish Rain?  I have no idea… but this is obviously just hearsay.  Add in some “Ole’, Ole’” and even the soccer fans get into it.

MP3: Coldplay – Famous Old Painters

On the same level and most likely in the same timeframe as “Lukas”, Coldplay has a gem of an acoustic song called “Famous Old Painters”.  I love the name, and I feel as though the transitions and much of the likability flows right in line with other coldplay songs from the VLV period.  Much to be desired here and perhaps one of my favorite tracks on this list.

Have we missed anything in Part 1 or Part 2?  Let us know!  

If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

Dorian lazar
Dorian lazar

Brendan I just love Coldplay and fell in love with Ghost stories the second I listened to it but these B-sides and rairities are just great. I am not much of digital whizz but is there anyway I can download these tracks to my P.C from this site ? I just love em and would like to play them when i want. Good job,well done.

Cheers Dorian


You missed the studio instrumental version of Solid Ground called "Until the Water Flows". It's a much shorter version that appears before Violet Hill in the Viva instrumental. You also missed the early, more upbeat version of Spies. Ode to Deodorant, the demo instrumental version of We Never Change (Awesome btw) and the super crappy quality song "A View form the Top"


Oh boy... the most rare is  Bucket For A Crown...sad you've not found this one (kkk no one's heve at same realy)

But i still got hope for hear' ya... and Window... this one i hope too =D

BrendanM moderator

@chuckamuck Yes - still hope!  Thanks for the friendly reminder.  I'll comment back on here once its up to notify you.  Give me a few more weeks to pare things down.  Cheers!


 @valvenewsnetwork I've never heard of "Until the Water Flows"... it looks like it was discovered in 2011?  I'll have to take another look at "Ode To Deodorant".  It didn't strike me the first time I heard it.  I'll look back into "A View From The Top" as well.  Great stuff!  Cheers!


Also, You missed Your World Turned Upside Down (not to be confused with the Fix You B-Side "The World Turned Upside Down"). Where is My Boy which was another Co-lab with Faultline. A song called "Idiot" and "Goodbye and Goodnight". If your looking for lesser known bands, look at a band called "The Waylayers". Their lead singer sounds like Chris Martin, and their style is like the Coldplay X&Y Era and the Mylo Era had a baby. Btw, if you like Coldplay Covers, there are about 19 full song covers with Chris or the whole band. 


 @Ed_Rocks Hi Ed - "Bucket For a Crown" is the 10th one down.  Thanks for the other two suggestions!  We'll try to include them on Part iii which is slowing coming together.  Cheers!


 @valvenewsnetwork Hi there - great info!  I purposely avoided "Ode To Deodorant" and "Where Is My Boy".  "Ode To Deodorant" because its more of a joke, than a song to listen to, and "Where Is My Boy" because it's more about Faultline than Coldplay.


We've also been in contact with Waylayers for over a year now and included them in our Best Songs of 2011!


Great suggestions on the other songs - I'll have to look into "Your World Turned Upside Down", "Idiot" and "Goodbye and Goodnight".  I will certainly include them in Part III.  Cheers!


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