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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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New Album Releases for Tuesday 10/30/2012

New Album Releases for Tuesday 10/30/2012

October ends with a short list of artists releasing albums, but we’ve found a handful worthy of your  attention.

Andrew Bird, a solo artist we can’t get enough of, launches Hands of Glory today.  It’s really amazing what Bird has done over the past decade, releasing over half a dozen albums, another half dozen EPs or singles and appearing/collaborating on over 25 other works.  Don’t be turned away by the solo name either as he plays a variety of string instruments and welcomes collaboration into his efforts.

Speaking of collaboration, Chad Valley, AKA Hugo Manuel, trends towards pop with his work, but we can’t complain when we see the likes of Glasser, Twin Shadow and Active Child among those singing/playing alongside him.  Young Hunger features seven other artists.

The Faint, whom we covered last when they released Fasciination back in 2008, finally returned again with their experimental, dance style with Danse Macabre.

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Andrew Bird – Hands of Glory [Artist]
Calvin Harris – 18 Months [Artist]
Chad Valley – Young Hunger [Artist]
Ending People – Fill Your Lungs [Artist]
Esthero – Everything is Expensive [Artist]
Lulu Gainsbourg – From Gainsbourg To Lulu [Artist]
Roomful of Teeth – Roomful of Teeth [Artist]
Skye – Back To Now [Artist]
The Faint – Danse Macabre [Artist]
The Soft Moon – Zeros [Artist]
Tracey Thorn – Tinsel And Lights [Artist]
Wax Fang – Mirror, Mirror [Artist]


There are not enough words to express how much I love the Calvin Harris album. See, pop can be done really well and not be cheesy.