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MusicUnderFire | February 11, 2016

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Pinback – Tres (Savlem Dubstep Remix)

Pinback – Tres (Savlem Dubstep Remix)
  • On 10/23/2012

Occasionally, it works to the benefit of the greater good to go outside of all of the promotion emails we receive and give some much needed attention to those who are doing it right, yet haven’t received the attention they really deserve.  So it is for Savlem, whose work far exceeds that of the average remixer.

What strikes Montreal’s Savlem as that much above everyone else is the fact that he went after Pinback; a band who doesn’t have much of anything notable in terms of remixes, but is perfectly constructed to chop up and deliver on a sizzling plate.  Sure, “Loro” might be tops for most to remix, or even perhaps “Penelope”, but this remix of “Tres”  from 2001′s Blue Screen Life just reanimated itself 11 years later in this rare glimpse of a Pinback song remixed just right.  So right, it might as well be in our top 10 remixes this year.

Also below is Savlem’s “Freakin’ Do It”, which is less to our taste, but shows that same class we found in this Pinback gem today.  I can’t help but point out the 8-bit melodies in this track that make it come to life.

For more of Savlem, visit his Soundcloud page.

Phil Savlem
Phil Savlem

Wow!! Thanks a lot for the support! This just made my day!