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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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Show Review: Sea Wolf @ North Star Bar 10/21/12

Show Review: Sea Wolf @ North Star Bar 10/21/12

Sunday night at North Star Bar was fashioned to be the same as the previous two trips to see Sea Wolf – they had a new album out, Alex Brown Church had flannel on and the crowd was pressed forward waiting for the house music to stop and the group to take the stage.  What in turn happened was Sea Wolf crushed it like they had never before, rounding up the best tidbits from all three albums (and an EP) to make me want to see them again when album No. 4 comes out, or just when they are back in town.

Seattle’s Hey Marseilles was one of the openers, and in short, their music was a polished ensemble, formed from seven talented musicians.  Their performance, consisting of horns, an accordion, tambourines, oboe, violin, drums, guitars and Matt Bishop’s recording-quality voice deemed whatever they were selling worthy of a gut-reaction buy.

The real story of the night was Sea Wolf though.  The five man group from LA just released Old World Romance in September, marking their third studio album off of Dangerbird Records.  As the set list below points out, they started and ended with tracks off of their new album, yet they constantly wove in songs from everything else they have done.

Church alongside guitarist Theodore Liscinski gyrated between solemn odes (“Priscilla”, “Black Leaf Falls”) to electric-friendly tracks (“You’re a Wolf”, “Wicked Blood”).  Having a third album in their repertoire added to the overall show.  While their second album White Water, White Bloom didn’t really catch people with open mouths, it has built a place in their live show.  ”Black Dirt” live exceeds the album version 10 fold.

Unfortunately, the group didn’t have a live cello player as Leaves in the River catered to, but keyboardist Lisa Fendelander rotated between one of three keyboards/synthesizers to help capture lost instruments, which in the end was a creative compromise we were quite satisfied with.

For more on the group and their tour, check out their website, where their new album can be streamed.

Set List
Miracle Cure***
Winter Windows*
The Traitor**
Old Friend***
In Nothing***
Devil in the Grass**
Middle Distance Runner*
I Made a Resolution #
Turn the Dirt Over**
Wicked Blood**
You’re a Wolf*
Black Dirt*
Black Leaf Falls*
Saint Catherine St.***

*** Old World Romance
** White Water, White Bloom
* Leaves in the River
# Get to the River Before it Runs Too Low EP



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