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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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Mini Album Review: Scuzbot- a New Band on the Pop-Punk Scene

Mini Album Review: Scuzbot- a New Band on the Pop-Punk Scene

If you’re looking for a dose of high-energy alt-rock combined with pop-punk, look no further.  Scuzbot will sate that craving.  Comprised of Ryan Rispo, Tyler Sheridan, Jon Lucas and Mitch Koehler, this quartet out of Bensalem PA just released their first self-titled full-length album, which is streaming on their website,  The record is full of very electric guitar riffs and easy-to-sing-along melodies reminiscent of late ’90s bands like Lit and REM.  This is a pop-punk record in all capacities- from the energy-forward guitar licks, to the slightly distressed lead vocals, to the listenable and explosive melodies.

This alt-rock outfit is not afraid to tell it like it is and admit to a little insanity at times, as demonstrated in the first track of the their record- “People Hate Fun”, in which you can hear the line “so let’s be obnoxious, let’s be assholes tonight…  We’d invite you but you’re too mature for us, you can tag along but you take shit too serious.”  And then there’s the low-key “Send in the Clowns”, which has a rhythmic bite to it but is still on the forlorn side.  It’s fair contrast to the rest of the distorted and sprightly tracks on this record.  “Shapes and Trends”, the title track of the group’s first EP, is one of the stronger songs on the album due in large part to its very pop-driven guitar riff and perhaps its chorus.  The only thing left to be desired is that there could be a little more stylistic contrast, a little more variety in mood and instrumental texture.  However, if you’re looking for upbeat music to wake you up in the morning, or just a record to rock out to, this is the perfect one.
Look out for Scuzbot to tour the East Coast this summer.

Check out Scuzbot on SoundCloud