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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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New Music Releases for Tuesday 11/12/2012

New Music Releases for Tuesday 11/12/2012

The image this week doesn’t give any hints to our featured artist this week, as he isn’t a girl, you won’t hear him singing in the track below and really there aren’t too many pictures out there to capture this producer.  Stumbleine‘s contribution comes in the form of shoe-gaze backdrops and we’re more than happy to see Spiderwebbed arrive, especially because of the track below featuring Steffaloo.

Apart from the chill tracks from Stumbleine, Black Forest Fire resembles Fleetwood Mac a bit in with Transit of Venus.  The trio from Austin play the simpleton folk rock band wonderfully and we suggest getting this on your rotation as each play pulls another ‘hidden’ track forward.

For the electronic-giddy people, Crystal Castles once again is back, this time with III while Fake Blood also hits the sample, reset, remix buttons with Cells.  If neither of these groups have entered your libraries this year, we suggest heading to their Soundcloud pages [Crystal Castles] [Fake Blood].

Also this week make sure to check out Slam Dunk, Brian Eno‘s LUX and Oneida.  Enjoy the week in music!

Altered Five – Gotta Earn It [Artist]
Bambi Lee Savage – Darkness Overshadowed [Artist]
Black Forest Fire – Transit Of Venus [Artist]
Books on Tape – Retired Numbers [Artist]
Brian Eno – LUX [Artist]
Clinic – Free Reign [Artist]
Crystal Castles – III [Artist]
El Perro del Mar – Pale Fire [Artist]
Fake Blood – Cells [Artist]
Midnight Magic – Walking The Midnight Streets [Artist]
Oneida – A List of the Burning Mountains [Artist]
OneRepublic – Feel Again [Artist]
Slam Dunk – Welcome to Miami [Artist]
Stumbleine – Spiderwebbed [Artist]
The Babies – Our House On The Hill [Artist]
Travis Barker and Yelawolf – Psycho White EP [Artist]


Very curious about the Brian Eno album this week...