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MusicUnderFire | February 6, 2016

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New Music Releases For Tuesday 11/19/2012

New Music Releases For Tuesday 11/19/2012
  • On 11/19/2012

It’s really been over five years now that we’ve been doing this.  Every single Tuesday for five years now.  Not to get all nostalgic on everyone, but every Tuesday for the last five years there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t think, “What could possibly be out this week?”   And each week we’ve been able to answer that and give you a whole bunch of songs to stream or download.  So let’s do what we do best…

This week there’s a lot of stuff out there… In fact, since we’ve been doing the new releases for so long, we can say it as a fact that this is the week lots of artists try to get their albums out before the end of the year.  Why?  Thanksgiving is obvioulsly around the corner and we all know that Christmas music absolutely dominates the radio waves.  That doesn’t mean you have to listen to the Rat Pack Christmas on repeat, because we’ll be dishing out lots of indie tracks in the coming month to tame that repetitiveness.  But our point is that this week will be the final week we see this amount of new releases.  Let’s dig in…

Elbow.  Let me say that again… Elbow!  It seems like these guys put something out every year.  This year, the UK band’s album Dead In The Boot is a B-sides compilation from over the years.  Of course everything Elbow is worth checking out, so this is tops on our list.  Check out the tracklist here.

It’s also notable to touch back on our Twilight Sad review of their show @ Johnny Brenda’s this month.  The band is known to get a bit hard, but they’re quite pleasing to the ears in their melodic tracks.  Their remixes album is out today!

Led Zepplin is out with an anniversary album of sorts today with Celebration Day.  We won’t say much more, but we’ve featured some remixes and mashups below to help ‘celebrate’.  If you’re looking for some good acoustics, Benjamin Francis Leftwich has some great tracks on his new EP titled In The Open.

Lastly, you need to check out Sean Lennon‘s website – the music is great – but the whole feel with the music, drawings and colors really make it a great web experience.  After all of that, you’re on your own!  Go click crazy with the artist links below – there’s too much for us to write about here.

ADULT. – Resuscitation [Artist]
Bad Brains – Into The Future [Artist]
Ben Klock – Fabric 66 [Artist]
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In The Open EP [Artist]
Bonnie Prince Billy – Christmas Eve Can Kill You (“7) [Artist]
Boys Noize – Out of the Black [Artist]
Brad – Welcome To Discovery Park [Artist]
Cliff Martinez – Arbitrage [Artist]
Dinosaur Jr. – Chocomel Daze [Artist]
Elbow – Dead In The Boot [Artist]
Elvis Costello – In Motion Pictures [Artist]
Enzo Siffredi – Westkreuz [Artist]
Graham Parker & The Rumour – Three Chords Good [Artist]
Graveyard – Lights Out [Artist]
Kylesa – From The Vaults Vol. 1 [Artist]
LA Vampires – Integration [Artist]
Lake People – Point EP [Artist]
Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day [Artist]
Lena Deen – Sleep Don’t Come Easily [Artist]
Mario Basanov – Journey [Artist]
Massive Attack – Blue Lines [Artist]
Mychael Danna – Life of Pi [Artist]
Naomi Punk – The Feeling [Artist]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Rifts [Artist]
Population One – Midnight Hours/Two Sides of Every Story [Artist]
Religious Girls – Midnight Realms [Artist]
Richard From Milwaukee – Better Off [Artist]
Robin Guthrie – Fortune [Artist]
Neil Young – Psychadelic Pill [Artist]
Sean Lenon – Alter Egos [Artist]
The Avett Brothers – A Carolina Jubilee [Artist]
The Evens – The Odds [Artist]
The Faint – Danse Macabre [Artist]
The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know Remixes [Artist]
Tim Hecker – Instrumantal Tourist [Artist]