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MusicUnderFire | February 11, 2016

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The 10 Best Remixes You’ve Ever Heard Vol. 3

The 10 Best Remixes You’ve Ever Heard Vol. 3
  • On 11/02/2012

On the heels of our wildly popular ‘Best Of’ remixes Part 1  and Part 2, we’re thrilled to provide you with ten more of the best remixes you’ve ever heard. Seriously. This isn’t fluff, this isn’t just promoting unknown artists, these are the best. You can search all over the internet looking for a better list, but Part 3 may have just trumped 1 and 2… and that says a lot.

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So while we spent hours (literally hours if not days) sorting through not only the remixes we’ve been sent, but also those which we’ve grown so fond, we’ve trimmed down hundreds upon hundreds of remixes to come down to this list. I think the quality of these songs say it all, so without any further ado, here are 10 of the best remixes you’ve ever heard… for now.

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed (SposhRock Remix)

Washed Out had a banner year in 2011, with lots of publicity on a generous chunk of all year-end reviews. But aside from all of that well-deserved glory, SposhRock swooped right in and tactfully remixed the song with a bit of an extra “umph”. So much extra umph per say that it’s debatable that this version of the song is actually better. In fact, it is. So take a listen to the best song off of one of 2011’s best albums and listen to a remix tuned to extend the life of the song in fitting fashion.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (Krusha Remix)

Rock and roll always has its place, and the intro to this re-mixed song starts with a clever buildup unlike those of most club remixes. The lead-ins are key here as the remix of Metric’s zombie-themed pop-track is laced with variation after variation. Say goodbye to the days where the definition of a remix is simply a repeated beat over a classic, likable track. This song is chock-full of electronica elements and the brimming variants make for a refreshing track with lots of flavor.

Fun. – We Are Young (Revolvr Remix)

Again, the credit can be fully-delivered to Fun., who created one hell of a poppy track including 19 different instruments (the norm for Fun.). But when it comes time to deviate from that played-out track we’ve heard all-year long, much of the remix credit goes to Revolvr, who turned it into the best remixed version of this track we’ve yet to find. As most remixes on this list are about six (6) minutes, this track is no exception. The chorus provides the keystone and foundation to the remix altogether, but the breakdown is dance party worthy to say the least. If there’s a track to lift the vibe, this one is it. Bar and club owners, take note.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Patrick Reza Dubstep Remix)

While Lana Del Rey’s lyrics are hardly close to the most articulated words we’ve ever heard, you have to admit she’s got a voice that can break down even the most hard-nosed critic. Thanks to Patrick Reza’s dubstep remix, this track’s bass brings his pool of talent to another level. The breakdowns, the stutters, the creativity and flow that surrounds this re-mixed version of Rey’s popular “Blue Jeans” is enough to let the music do the talking. Turn this one up.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix)

While we haven’t found a good reason to leave a RAC remix off of one of our lists, we continue to try to find reasons why not to double up and place more RAC remixes on our best-of remixes. When you have a formula, stick to it – that’s what RAC has done once again with The Temper Trap’s 2009 hit, “Sweet Disposition”. What we see again is a simple formula, focus on snappy rhythms and some mind-blowing melodies to push this track over the edge. Not to mention that The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” has been remixed over and over again, but this one just can’t be beat.

The Stone Roses – Shoot You Down (The Soul Hooligan Remix)

Don’t expect every song here to come from recent times; remixes have been around for decades. This track is one of the older remixes we’ve featured on our Best Remixes You’ve Ever Heard lists, and rightly so. If you listen to The Stone Roses original track, it’s clear that this remix does not only deviate so far from the original, but it pulls out all of the best parts. The Stone Roses may have had success with “Shoot You Down” on their own ground, but this comes nowhere close to where the remix has put them. In fact this remix came out in 1989 on their The Remixes album and it hasn’t died out since. In terms of remixes, this one may be the best of its time and continues to live on, particularly for those inspired by The Chemical Brothers.

Leona Lewis – Collide (Afrojack Remix)

Leona Lewis could probably break a glass with the voice she has – she’s got the pipes, the range and that diva package. The fact that most DJs can’t wait to remix a track with vocals like this has been proven over and over again on the hype machine. The Leona Lewis remixes can be found in abundance elsewhere too. Just check Soundcloud or elsewhere. But regardless of where you look, there is no better remix of “Collide” than Afrojack’s remix here. Songs like this appear to be so easy to make – a beat dropped, a few minor touches and “Viola!”. But if you listen a bit harder, you’ll see that this is remix is so flawlessly done, it’s like watching a bird fly downwind. Great vocals, great DJ effects and transitions and overall excellent remix.

Active Child – Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix)

If there were a favorite remix on this list, I would have to designate this song right here the winner. Active Child has this alto pitch that just blends perfectly with the lower tones and bass pulses in this remix. White Arrows has this remix mentality unlike anyone else. Combine those two, and you’ve got a sick rhythm from a song that absolutely blows the hinges off the doors. Despite being the shortest song on this list, clocking in at 3:12, this remix would top the grand scale of remixes. It has elements that could be used as a hip-hop beat, enough electronica to pull in the indiest of indie kids and enough of the basic elements of the original song to entice even fans of Active Child. This one is a must for any remix list. Just be careful not to play this one out.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)

A few months ago, there was a wave of songs such as this one, that were over 50 years old, yet still held relevant enough to remix. Sure, the original song is your parent’s music, but it just so happens that the style is swinging back to relevance once again. There are tried and true songs, and this one’s spaced itself out like The Steve Miller Band’s intro to “Fly Like An Eagle”, minus the drugs. The remix by Psychemagik extends itself broadly, but justly so. This track is perfect for blending into a casual Friday happy hour mix for your mixologists, yet good enough to play in the car, even if your parents are in town. Show everyone you’re mature musically enough to appreciate some mature music with a modern twist, and this remix will impress.

Sun Airway – Close (Beat Connection Remix)

Again, these tracks are in no particular order, but this one is one of my favorites. In fact, there’s no saying I would have ever discovered Sun Airway with out this remix by Beat Connection. The rhythm is a classic drum loop, with not much to speak of. That is, until we near the two minute mark. Sun Airway’s “Close” has one aspect that makes it a spectacular track, namely the refrain; one line is all that’s needed. The bass is perfect here. The synergy between everything in this song’s height clearly proves this song is one of the catchiest tracks on this list. Listen to it all the way through and tell me you don’t feel the same way.

Are we missing anything on this list? Let us know what you think should be included!

If you missed our 10 Best Remixes Volume 1 or our 10 Best Remixes Volume 2, be sure to see our lists of the best remixes we’ve ever heard.


I love these selections and follow RAC and Gigamesh on Soundcloud and have now bookmarked you guys for future reference!  

Check out our Beat Guild remixes when you get a chance at this link, especially Silence Dogood's remix of Depeche Mode's Peace. There are some other interesting things going on here, but that remix takes it IMO.


Again, great job man! These are seriously the best remixes I've listened to in awhile


This is such a killer list keep doing what you're doing!!


Great series. How about some MJ? Have a fave remix?


 @RIDICULOUS Cheers!  Glad you liked them so much - we'll keep digging, so stay tuned!


Thanks for your feedback!


@scarlett Thanks for the suggestion!  I'll have to look back into MJ... there's so much out there, it takes a great deal of time to get through all of it and declare one remix better than the next.  I'm sure someone else could comment for me on their favorite as a starting block...


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