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MusicUnderFire | February 12, 2016

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Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 12/9/12

Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 12/9/12

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and it ain’t getting any sunnier. The good news? There won’t be any gray skies for the ears’ eyes (ok…but you know what I meant).

1. The Hotelles – “Ignore Me”/Ignore Me EP

At first glance, these boys remind us of One Direction; you can practically hear the teenybopper swoons of hormonal adolescent girls, but don’t let them fool you. The Hotelles are a youthful bunch (Tom Easton, 21, lead vocalist/guitarist, Ben Easton,18, on bass/vocals, and little Sam Easton, at the ripe age of 14 is tearing up the drums) but one listen and you’re sure to realize age is just a number. They hold their own edge and pack a mean rock punch that some grown men can’t manage to muster up.  This band of brothers (literally) is making London proud and has a punk-rock flair that is consistent and genuine. Their Ignore Me EP drops tomorrow, December 10th.

2. Calvin Harris – “Sweet Nothing” (Remix)/Sweet Nothing Grandtheft/Diplo Remix

First off, I love the hell out of Florence & the Machine, so I just about ran through a field of rainbow unicorns when I heard Florence Welch tearing it up on Calvin Harris’ “Sweet Nothing” beat. The original was more than enough, but when Diplo and Grandtheft sprinkle on the delicious, it makes this sick track even better. The drop, the speed, the loop, and vibe… It’s all good and it’s now an official mix. Take a listen and have a little dance party.

3. George Maple – “Uphill”/Uphill

George Maple is an Australian singer who is a mysterious little treat. She (yes, she) is a musical mystic with her tribal beats and husky vocal expression. She manages to calm and entice with her smooth melodic haze. Currently, she’s touring ‘round Europe and the US with Flight Facilities and is also in the studio with Bondax, Two Inch Punch, and Juk Juk, compiling material for an upcoming release. “Uphill” is available for free download, so get it while it’s good!

4. Gibson Bull/Carmen - “The Holly and the Ivy”/For Folk’s Sake

Ho! Ho! Ho! Just in time for the Holidays, folk singers Gibson Bull and Carmen come together to remake “The Holly and the Ivy” Christmas classic. They give the song a bit of modern charm as Gibson strums the guitar and Carmen puts her angelic vocals to work. These two make an awesome pairing, but even if you aren’t in the Christmas spirit, For Folk’s Sake is all in the name of charity. Proceeds go to Evelina Children’s Hospital and it features great musicians like Admiral Fallow, the Escapades, and Tom Williams, just to name a few. So head over to bandcamp and make a difference.

5. GEMS – “All I Ever”/All I Ever

Dream pop duo GEMS, consisting of Lindsey Pitt and Clifford John, have released a chilling, yet enchanting single “All I Ever.” The track is an intimate piece that offers listeners an intense reflection and conversation between friends that delves into a dark corner of Lindsay. It might be a little heavy for a rainy Sunday, but it’s almost too appropriate as well. The percussion elements (thank you, Sean McVey) complement the vocal/lyrical elements of the song developed alongside the ocean.

6. Boys Noize – “What You Want” (Chromeo Remix)/Out of the Black

Boys Noize a.k.a. Alexander Ridha has made quite a name for himself and with the help of the talented Chromeo, he has pushed the envelope for himself even more. The remix to “What You Want” has the soul-funk-old-school vibe with the new age gaming pop percussion. Their fused talents is a robotic dance grove that makes the music world just a little more grand. Out of the Black was released a little over a month ago, the third album from Boys Noize to date, and it contains some of his most killer mixes, so pick it up today and hit play.

7. Cry Wolf – “Please Don’t Stop the Music” (Remix feat. Maigan Kennedy)/Please Don’t Stop the Music Remix

North Carolina’s own Cry Wolf has just released a new remix featuring the talented Maigan Kennedy. The twist on RiRi’s club banger completely strips the original down to its bones and molds it into an awesome, futuristic track of sensuality and tease. In short: it’s damn sexy. Cry Wolf has a way with a sound manipulation and redevelopment, and it has garnered them praise from many. Every musical takeover of theirs has been virtually unrecognizable in comparison to its original, and they aren’t afraid to slip throughout genres from rap and rock to indie and R&B.

8. The MiCKS – “Dancing for the Smokers”/The MiCKS

This band ripped out from Jersey City, New Jersey are a garage rock band trio that represents their musical influences with amazing vocals, tons of guitar, and a shameless use of the drums. This three piece music meal is a genius development that offers a small taste of the RollingStones, Bruce Springsteen, and the Heartless Bastards. It’s a respectable melodic communion of sound available on their self-titled debut, out December 11th.

9. Allies For Everyone – “Scavenger  (The Night Owl Midnight Mix)”/Scavenger EP

Allies for Everyone, a.k.a. Brian Suarez, has released his Scavenger EP, filled with several remixes from Tommie Sunshine, Son of Sound, The Night Owl Midnight, and many more. His Scavenger EP is getting buzz from the likes of Vibe and Interview magazines and Time Out New York; rightfully so considering the amount of creative talent on this EP. One song has been shaped into every kind of dub, retro, electro, funk style and manages not to bore or smother with too much noise. It’s a fresh take every time and I dig the freedom of the mixes. You can stream the entire EP via soundcloud.

10. DEJA – “Luststruck”/Luststruck EP

This sonic, electro duo of producers Jack Arentz and Claire Rayner have created a wistful mix with their new release “Luststruck” from their forthcoming EP release. Though layered in the auditory brilliance of their production skills, “Lovestruck” is a simple, straightforward mastered sound. “Luststruck” has the swagger of an uncrowned prince; it’s confident, but calm in its approach to listeners, but seduces the ear with an unwavering charm. DEJA has been working diligently to find a harmonious balance and this small taste of their full potential is proof of these Melbourne natives’ growth.