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MusicUnderFire | February 8, 2016

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Weekly Download 1/16/13 (Three Green Trees, Photo Ops and more)

Weekly Download 1/16/13 (Three Green Trees, Photo Ops and more)
  • On 01/16/2013

First and foremost, today’s tongue-twister is Blue Foundation’s remix of Apparatjik’s track “Datascorller”. This remix kicked off our always free and always legal list of MP3s just right this week. Those EDM-prone listeners will surely appreciate this remix.

But before we move on to the rest of the list, let’s take a step back. Our featured singer/songwriter this week is Mark Martyre who’s track “Nowhere Else To Go, But Up” captures subtle acoustic guitar in its essence. If you’re looking for something simply mellow and relaxing, we recommend listening to his full album Down, Record over here.

Most notably on this list, we wouldn’t highlight Three Green Trees for no reason. The Canadian/Swedish group tout themselves as pop-rock, which means that had the Beatles and Coldplay spent a long winter with each other on Kebnekaise, they would more than likely sound like them.

If you’re more into the female vocalists and enjoy Metric, we recommend listening to The Capsules track “Across The Sky”. While it’s hard not to pick favorites its between the latter previously mentioned and another gem from a band called Photo Ops. We’ll suffice it to say that one listen of these guys and you’ll be hooked.

Lots more to listen to here, so dig in and enjoy. As always, please support these artists and all they do by visiting their websites and dropping a line to tell them how great they are.

Mark Martyre – Nowhere Else to Go, But Up [Artist]
Apparatjik – Datascorller (Blue Foundation Remix) [Artist]
Light The Rocket – Melody For Two (Our Song) [Artist]
Marching Band – And Ive Never Seen [Artist]
Photo Ops – It Makes Me Cry [Artist]
San Fermin – Sonsick [Artist]
The Capsules – Across The Sky [Artist]
Three Green Trees – River [Artist]
Junip – Line Of Fire [Artist]
Judy Kang – You [Artist]

The Weekly Download features completely free and legal MP3s sent to us by the artists themselves for download once a week, albeit more all at once! We hope you enjoy our weekly submissions.

We chose these songs for you to discover, download and explore more about the artists behind them. Please support the artists by visiting their artist links next to each of the MP3s.


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Annie Price REALTOR

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