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MusicUnderFire | February 9, 2016

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Weekly Download 1/9/13 (Lapland, Hey Champ and more)

Weekly Download 1/9/13 (Lapland, Hey Champ and more)

2013 should be epic, and with artists such as Josh Mease of Lapland setting the tone with his self-titled album out ‘early’ this year, we’re optimistic it will be.

Texas has a few cards in this week’s deck, starring Urica Rose and Pawn Shop Gentlemen.  Rose’s southern, soulful rock carries a voice to pretty for one state to hold, let alone the Lonestar State.  Also, Pawn Shop Gentlemen keep coming across our emails and we can’t deny them another “good job, keep it up” mention in our Weekly Downloads.

From Poland, Kamp! shot us another clever set of tracks, including “Swimming”.  The 80s dance vibe and the remix factor of this could be a pleasant sojourn from dance techno.  Hey Champ, the duo from Chicago, remind us of some other lovely dance duos from 2012, including Tanlines and Project 61 to name a few.  We expect astronomical things from them this year, so don’t be surprised if they appear again.

We don’t want to leave anyone out this week, but before this gets entirely too lengthy, keep an eye on Mist Glider and Hior Chronik in particular this year.  This week is hardly filler, so click on all of the artist links below and support indie music at its core.

If you are an artist who wants your track hear on our Weekly Download, email us here.

Lapland – Unwise [Artist]
Urica Rose – Aint No [Artist]
Candidate – Psychic Dissonance From The Unself [Artist]
Airstrip – Pleasure Center [Artist]
Kamp! – Swimmers [Artist]
The Spell – Pieces of Me [Artist]
Mist Glider – If Only [Artist]
Pawn Shop Gentlemen – Disingenuous [Artist]
Hior Chronik – Still Foggy (Cosmonaut Grechko Version) [Artist]
Hey Champ – Cliché [Artist]

The Weekly Download features completely free and legal MP3s sent to us by the artists themselves for download once a week, albeit more all at once! We hope you enjoy our weekly submissions.

We chose these songs for you to discover, download and explore more about the artists behind them. Please support the artists by visiting their artist links next to each of the MP3s.