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MusicUnderFire | February 12, 2016

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Don’t Overlook Bauer’s New Album “Sleeping Giant”


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A rock album with the spiritual, peaceful feeling that comes with heartfelt disclosure.

If you’re in the mood for new music with a good vibe that’s uplifting, exhilarating, and also fun to dance to, check out Bauer, the new 4-member indie band from Manchester, England. Their debut full-length release “Sleeping Giant” was just released in November. It offers up a strong set of smooth, pop-infused rockers that call to mind U.K. superstars Keane.

“Sleeping Giant” opens to the promising notes of “Barrel One” – sounding a bit like The Killers hit single “Human” – and that’s not a bad thing. Despite its heavy-handed title, it’s not a song about guns at all. Both the lilting, other-wordly melody and the song’s confession impart an almost spiritual message, the peaceful feeling that comes from heartfelt disclosure: “If you see me falling / It’s me recalling / Starlight from your grace / If you see me dying / It’s really just me trying / To reclaim my place, in your Grace.” It’s a beautiful missive, and one of the best tracks.

It’s follow-up, “Connected,” is an amazing rocker with a sweeping sound that pulls us along while showcasing more of lead singer Greg Matthews appealing vocals. Sound effects and tight drumming round things out. These guys have a great thing going on, and a little extra something that’s hard to put your finger on. “Shotgun” has a cool-sounding intro and continues in the same pattern; this is a band that plays well together and knows when to tone things down or amp them up. Love the drum solo on this one.

Take five for “Don’t You Move”
Next up: the sweet, extraterrestrial-sounding opening notes that introduce “Don’t You Move,” perhaps the best selection here.  Chord progressions, enchanting harmonies, lyrics, arrangement and the whole spirit of this one are engaging and magical. If I could wave a magic wand, here’s the song I’d pick to be Bauer’s first big hit single, in this galaxy, anyway. Whether you’re in a relationship or still waiting to meet that special someone, you’ll love this track.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re a fan of Coldplay or KEANE, you really must hear “Get It Right,” a steady rocker you can burn the midnight oil to. You’ll love the guitar’s main refrain, the echoes in the dreamy chorus and the tension that builds amidst all this. And watch out for “Sky Turned Black.” It’s got the hallmarks of a classic rock anthem and who knows, with the way climate change has been going it just might portend some things to come.

Don’t You Move

“Feels Like Heaven” is another good candidate for radio airplay. Nice opening keyboards, and you’ll love the way it pulls your head into the stratosphere as the band weaves their magic during the majestic chorus.

BAUER is made up of: Greg Matthews (lead singer and songwriter), Neil Treppas (bass, singer, songwriter, and producer), Michael Reed (guitar) and Lee Bradbury (drums). BAUER has performed with Snow Patrol, and they’ve previously released both an EP and a single, but “Sleeping Giant” is their first full-length album.



We’ll try not to gush, but “Nowhere to Turn” is another example of a really great love song that pulls us right in with solid, tight musicianship and a great arrangement. It’s got a cool interlude with more solid, first-class drums helping build it to an apex.

We could talk more about the remaining tracks, including: “Starting Again,” “Nowhere to Turn,” “Change Forever,” or the mysterious “Never Look Back.” But some things, you just have to hear for yourself.


Where can you find Bauer’s new debut?

You can find Sleeping Giant available on iTunes.