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MusicUnderFire | February 7, 2016

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Show Review: Gemini Club @ Kung Fu Necktie 2/1/13

Show Review: Gemini Club @ Kung Fu Necktie 2/1/13

Photo courtesy of Hannah Agosta.

G.C.? G.? Gem? Gemmy? Can I call you Gemmy? I know Gemini Club is your real name, and I know we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.

This Chicago-based trio is that sexy, smooth guy at the bar who has all the girls fawning all over him without trying at all. He is effortless, strong, and fun. He’ll take you whitewater rafting, then play your favorite Hall & Oates song on vinyl. Shhh, you know you’ve got a favorite. You are living the dream of all romantic comedies. And don’t worry fellas, there’s a piece for you, too. Gemini Club is your main guy. He’s the one you know you’ll ask to be your best man at your wedding. He was there when your girlfriend broke up with you and he always listened when you talked about her endlessly. You guys want to hike the Appalachian trail together and once you can get off work, you’re going to do it.

Now, onto the music. We needed to dance, damnit. The packed Kung Fu Necktie did just that. God help you if you didn’t dance for that means you no longer feel feelings or see beauty in the world. If the fantasically fun indie dance music wasn’t enough, then the lead singer’s dancing and thrashing about should have put you over the edge. He just had the absolute best time up there with a contagious energy that made it quite clear they knew how to play a great show. Their seasoned experience could be felt and there is comfort in knowing you’re not dealing with amateurs.

So, next time Gemini Club is in town, put on your dancing shoes and go see them.