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MusicUnderFire | February 8, 2016

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Show Review: Willy Moon @ Underground Arts 2/23/13

Show Review: Willy Moon @ Underground Arts 2/23/13

| On 25, Feb 2013

In a short-but-sweet set, Willy Moon showboated his way into the hearts of the audience.

With only a female drummer and a male guitarist to back him up on stage, the leading man made a spectacle. He doesn’t really need anyone else on stage with him because the show is his. While he owns every piece of the stage, one element that will inevitably be added to the stage are some super-styled back up singers. In fact, you could almost see them in your mind while watching him perform. His music and presentation is meant to transport the watcher to another time and place. Watching him, you get the feeling that everything around you should be in black and white.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many cooking shows lately, but Willy Moon is like a mad chef. Simultaneously temperamental and sexy, he grabs a chunk of pizza dough in one hand and a mango in the other and smashes them together, shoves it in your face and it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Sure, mangos are delicious and so is pizza, but put them together? Well, it’s like that, but instead of mango you have hip hop and instead of pizza dough you have 60s music.

If you haven’t heard it, think of Willy Moon’s music this way: Instead of having a baby with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West had a baby with James Brown. Willy Moon is Kanye and James Brown’s baby.

Drawing on distinctive sounds from the past and present, Willy Moon has created a sonic boom of a sound and it really is very cool music and it feels like the future.