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MusicUnderFire | February 12, 2016

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Steady Hills – Long Grey Roads [Video]

Steady Hills – Long Grey Roads [Video]
  • On 02/07/2013

Kick the mud off your shoes as Steady Hills bring some earthy vibes to your ears. As far as debuts, Steady Hills went about the recording process in unique fashion. Aptly titled Alone in the Marquee, the band’s debut represents a live recording session in the Halifax Marquee with just them – no fans, no fancy lights, just some guys who are giddy about music and 4,000 watts of PA equipment.

The sound itself is phenomenal. Chad Harrington’s vocals are like a Jim James revival, the crashing drums and penchant chords produce a rhythm of sound involvement from all four members (aside from Harrington, namely Andrew Dahms, Andrew Watt and J. Lapoint). The depth of the recording truly rings clear in their track below titled “Long Grey Roads”.

See more of the band on their Official, Facebook and Twitter pages below.

Video: Steady Hills – Long Grey Roads


Cheers!    as a note:  Chad and Andrew are the only band members.  It's only a two piece band.  we'll take it as a compliment that you thought there were 4 of us *wink wink


Andrew Watt is a recording engineer friend who helped tune the PA, and suggested some Mic placements.  and J. Lapoint is Our Mastering Engineer from 'Archive Mastering' 



 @SteadyHills Thanks!  I'll update accordingly - and yes, impressive for a two-man band!

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.......why do i keep typing "Cheers"  I don't do that in person........I'm really not that type of guy...    -Chad