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MusicUnderFire | February 6, 2016

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Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 3/17/13

Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 3/17/13

Should I bother explaining? Probably not. Just know it’s not over, babies; mama has a whole new batch of goodies that reassures that 2013 is bound to be a golden year of music.

1. Biffy Clyro – “Black Chandelier”/Opposites 

Biffy Clyro from Glasgow, Britain is a band that’s kicking ass and then taking names…or at least some awards. This UK trio took home the best new band award from NME (New Music Express magazine) and also took a coveted opening act spot on Muse’s North American tour, including two dates on the prestigious Madison Square Garden stage. That may be enough for the rest of us normal folks, but bandmates and longtime friends/twin brothers Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston have the burning desire to continue taking over the musical world. Opposites will be released in the US March 12th but in the meantime, take a listen to their successful first single “Black Chandelier.” Oh, did I mention these rocking, guitar stroking, drum banging, musical geniuses are also undeniable easy on the eyes? Meow!




2. The Veils – “Out From the Valley”/ Time Stays, We Go


The Veils have unveiled (eh, eh?) new music. After a four year musical hiatus, the UK band has assembled their new record Time Stays, We Go for an April 23rd release. To show their talent was not jeopardized during their break, the Veils showed off their harmonic flawlessness in a live performance from London’s Abbey Studio Road. Their first single, “Through the Deep, Dark Wood” has an electric fire that haunts and exudes a folk-grit-rock that is sure to please. Stream the single here and watch their live performance below.



3. Adventure Galley – “Semantics”/Anywhere That’s Wild


Everybody chill…Adventure Galley has it all under control. UK, take your back seat; Portland is looking for a head spot. These boys have caught the ears of Nylon and many other music loving media folk with their electro-pop hype and rock. From Arcade Fire to MGMT, Adventure Galley is notably comparable to some respectable artists before them. Their new single “Semantics” is definitely reminiscent of the Killers and the electronic rifts of their guitars definitely makes you yearn for some MGMT, but comparisons aside, these boys have found the balance. It’s enough to make you relax, but enough to start a grove that can’t be tamed. Their debut LP Anywhere That’s Wild is still in the works, but if this is any indication of what’s to come, they’ll be earning their musical stripes in no time.



4. Vondelpark – “California Analog Dream”/Seabed


Vondelpark is a sonic trio from London consisting of three besties; Lewis Rainsbury, Alex Bailey, and Matt Law, who spent countless days and hours recording their upcoming record Seabed. The threesome is literally a breath of fresh air with the feather light vocals of Lewis on the forefront. They don’t stress the forcefulness of their sound, though it remains intricate, which creates a beautiful airiness that’s infectious. Lyrically, it’s practically inaudible, but the vocals almost work as instrumentals, which allow the listener to slip deeper into the song without distraction. Check it out and Zen out before you watch out for their April 2nd release on R&S Records.



5. Young Man – “In a Sense”/Beyond Was All Around Me


Young Man has released an acoustic music video/version of their single “In a Sense” featuring lead vocalist Colin Caulfield, singer-songwriter, and project head of the whole shebang. It’s a more saccharine take on the folk-indie track that Colin comfortably indulged himself in, as he sits in a chair and strums away at his guitar. Young Man’s video was premiered on Spinner and is as endearing as the track itself. The band is pumped for their April 9th release of their Beyond Was All Around Me record and may be coming to a city near you on an upcoming tour (Philly doves, April 11th at North Star Bar). Check on the vid and stream the track below.



6. CONCLΔVE – “Melted”/ Melted / Coldsteel Heart


CONCLΔVE is a man of few words, but the twenty-something from a thousand islands is still finding his grove in the music realm. His sound is piercing and thumping, layered in ghostly vocals. It’s almost the calm before a rampant pulse. His double single release Melted/Coldsteel Heart shows off his knack for dramatic bass and reverberation but leaves the ear yearning for a variation of sound. He has a great deal of potential, and with a little fine tuning, can captivate an audience.



7. Bang Bangz – “Photograph”/Red City


It’s time to get sexy with a hot little band from Houston, Texas. Bang Bangz creates musical seduction with ethereal vocals that entwine effortless among band mates Elizabeth Salaazar and Mario Rodriguez. It’s hard to not fall for this electro-pop-indie-rock combo that can be the perfect soundtrack to any forbidden moment. It’s hard to not be charmed by Elizabeth’s vocals, Mario’s wild locks, and the rhythmic overlay of Vik Montemayor handling percussion like a real man should. They’re good, and they’re just starting out after a 2011 formation. Their full length LP Red City is much anticipate March 23rd release is so close fans can hardly stand it, but you can temporarily satiate your thirst with their video below.



8. The Hughes Brothers – “So Many Places”/Take Me On


These New Zealand bros have just released the video for their single “So Many Places” from their EP Take Me On. The track has an instrumental vibrancy that foreshadows its silver lining after talks of harsh winters. Lyrically, it’s an anthem that calls for openness and acceptance to the new changes approaching us through our lives, and the band flawlessly illuminates this message with a cheeky, but enthralling sound that doesn’t falter as the sound progresses. “So Many Place” is as warm as it is genius and anybody who spends a moment with the video will allow the subtle changes within the scenes to enhance their experience with the song. Although their Take Me On EP was released last year, the boys are already in the works for mid-2013 relief of another set of awesomeness.



9. Paramore – “Now”/Paramore


If you haven’t heard this track from Paramore, you’re as late as I am posting about it. The single was released back in January and it’s just as young, fun, and red as expected from this playful bunch. It’s a call to the need and passion for what’s to come and what was; delivering you from misery and demanding progress. “If there’s a future, we want now” Hayley shouts out with a riveting guitar to back her up. Their self-titled release is set for an April 9th appearance and is the fourth record from Paramore, who are currently on tour with Kitten.

10. Laurel Canyons – “Youth Blood”/Youth Blood


Laurel Canyons, formally known as In Fear of Olive, is a British folk-Americana band taking a step toward the retro revival of 60s/70s music. From Bob Dylan to Bright Eyes, this quartet from Yorkshire has managed gain influence and comparisons to many prominent musicians. I guess their ability to sprinkle a little country twang on their Brit swag has caught a few ears. With Jake Cope on vocals/guitar, France Lahmar on bass, PJ Burdett on guitar, and Arv Teeroovengadum (is that a real name?) on the drums, you’re sure to be fooled by the back-woods-porch-music that comes from the band probably spends more time in their flats munching on tea and scones (no disrespect to tea and scones).






1. Jakwob – “Fade” feat Maiday/Fade


Jakwob has been previously featured with tracks from his The Prize LP and his new track “Fade” featuring the sweet vocals of Maiday earned him a second appearance. The new track was just released yesterday and has several versions mixed by Jakwob. Each mix gives a new perspective for audiences and demonstrates Jakwob’s versatility. Find it on iTunes, stream it below.



2. The Atolls – “Lust”/The Atolls


LA’s the Atolls have come back with their cover of the Raveonettes’ “Lust.” This take on the indie rock song gives it a little more depth and clarity as Chris Barela and Dan Martin of the Atolls use the grit of their voices to rip away at the softness of the song the original. They liven up the calm beat with a play on bass and drums that turns the soft rock into rock’n’roll smooth the second you press play. It’s all Atolls with an ode to the Raveonettes.



3. To Kill A King – “Cold Skin”/Cannibals With Cutlery


“So strike a pose where you want your damn ashes to fall…” Ummm, yeah, if somebody else sang that, I’d be disturbed; but instead my eyes are rounded gems full of glorious love for these boys. To Kill A King’s debut record Cannibals With Cutlery is delightfully rock, delightfully pop, and delightfully indie in all their awesomeness. Their entire debut (if I do say so myself) is painfully beautiful. They strike a balance of classic cords and unorthodox lyricism, discussing candid sentiments and taking a jab or two where they find it necessary. The band, consisting of Ralph Pelleymounter, Josh Platman, Jon Willoughby, Ian Dudfield, and Ben Jackson, has a debut to be proud and you have a band to look out for.



4. Tyde – “Pompeii”/Tyde


This newbie remix duo from London is already making some serious moves. More recently, Tyde scored the opportunity to remix the new single from Bastille entitled “Pompeii.” Their take on the upbeat tribal track is twisted cool down that strips the beat. Note I said cool down, not slow down. It’s still a dance worthy track that simmers before it boils over. The echoing overlays catch your attention and serve its purpose in teasing the ear. The potential of Tyde is obvious and leaves you looking forward for their next attack.


Click Here to Play “Pompeii” (Tyde Remix)


5. Equalibrum – “I Can’t Live”/Equalibrum


Equalibrum is a random loop maker from Cali who made this cool mix of rhythm and blues that only takes a minute (quite literally) to capture your attention. His need for beats is an insatiable thirst that leaves those fighting the urge to boogie completely helpless.


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Great list once again, Mariane!  Digging the Jakwob track...