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MusicUnderFire | February 11, 2016

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Weekly Download 3/20/13 (The Ruby Suns, Phoenix and more)

Weekly Download 3/20/13 (The Ruby Suns, Phoenix and more)

Happy Spring everyone!  To kick this season off right, we added some high quality remixes from some of our favorite artists, which includes Dinosaur Jr. and Teen Daze.  We’re also combining coming releases with recently passed ones.

Phoenix, who are set to release Bankrupt! on April 22, were fortunate to have New Englander’s Dinosaur Jr. remix “Entertainment”.  Also in the remix department and with an absolutely stellar track, Hauschka, AKA Volker Bertelmann, had his track “Radar” reworked by Michael Mayers.

A few months past their release of Christoper, we’re happy to have “In Real Life” from The Ruby Suns.  The New Zealand-based band pepper in quirky, memorable tracks, and is more for an audience that gets experimental, electronic rock.

We could go on extensively about the rest of the list, but down the tracks below, listen at your leisure and supports the artists by going to their pages.

If you are an artist who wants your track hear on our Weekly Download, email us here or shoot us a message on Facebook.

Echopark – Teleportation [Artist]
Hauschka – Radar (Michael Mayer remix) [Hauschka] [Michael Mayer]
KaiL Baxley – Legend Of The Western Hills [Artist]
Mountain Range – It’s Lonely Around People, Too (Teen Daze Remix) [Mountain Range] [Teen Daze]
Mr Fogg – Headlock (Graphics Remix) [Artist]
Phoenix – Entertainment (Dinosaur Jr. Remix) [Phoenix] [Dinosaur Jr.]
Raindeer – Tattoo [Artist]
Seaweed Meadows – Ruins [Artist]
The Ruby Suns – In Real Life [Artist]
Woodenbox – Roll For Me [Artist]

The Weekly Download features completely free and legal MP3s sent to us by the artists themselves for download once a week, albeit more all at once! We hope you enjoy our weekly submissions.

We chose these songs for you to discover, download and explore more about the artists behind them. Please support the artists by visiting their artist links next to each of the MP3s.


lovin these tunes. what dyou think of new justin timberlake album? i remixed blue ocean floor.. check it out:)..