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MusicUnderFire | February 14, 2016

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Song of the Week: Immoor – Hatchback

Song of the Week: Immoor – Hatchback
  • On 04/17/2013

It feels like eons ago when we first stumbled on Casey Immoor, aka IMMOOR, one of the most promising indie electro acts we’ve been able to find since MUF’s inception back in 2006.  We don’t say that lightly either, since we’re constantly scouring every resource just to find something close to Immoor’s retro synths.  Inevitably, we fall short every time.

It started back in 2007 when The Thievery of Your Own Things hit our ears, and despite only one more album thereafter, She Moves certainly held its own since 2009.  In fact, to show how serious we were, we gave it a 9.5 out of 10 in our review.  Immoor’s quirky upticks and programmed beats are truly undeniable.

Immoor’s latest single “Hatchback” comes laden with some of the most entrancing, yet uplifting beats we’ve heard all year.  Combine our heartfelt addiction to albums past, this track is pure gold.  To add more fire to the flame, Immoor will be releasing an EP in May.

MP3: Immoor – Hatchback

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