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MusicUnderFire | February 9, 2016

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Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 5/5/13

Spotlight: This Week’s 10 Most Notable Artists – 5/5/13

‘Ello, loves! It’s been a while, but the music hasn’t stopped. Here’s a few to ring in the spring and prep for the summer.


1. Fossil Collective – “Let It Go”/Tell Where I Lie


This indie/folk band from Leeds (in West Yorkshire, England, if you’re curious) takes a chill approach to the musical world. Their “Let It Go” track has a romantic guitar reminiscent of Paolo Nutini’s “Candy” while having the ethereal harmonization of Fleetwood Mac and Bon Iver. Their Tell Where I Lie debut is available on iTunes.





2. Eli Mardock – “Everything Happens for the First Time”/Everything Happens for the First Time


With a merry melody and whimsical lyricism, Eli Mardock’s single “Everything Happens for the First Time” is as addicting as it is brilliant. This track is like My Chemical Romance had a baby with One Republic. We’ll call it “my-Helena’s-gonna-have-a-good-life.” We can also just call it awesome? Yeah, that works. His full length debut LP will be out soon, but stream below.





3. The Strokes – “All the Time”/Comedown Machine


The Strokes are back and I’m a giddy school girl over their single “All the Time.” It’s just a taste of their newly, fresh out the womb album Comedown Machine, and although all artists strive to introduce themselves to different levels of music, in my opinion, the Strokes have taken it back. I mean this in the best way possible since this track reminds me of their First Impressions of the Earth record. The Strokes don’t need much help getting an audience, so just press play.




4. James Blake – “Retrograde”/Overgrown


Here comes sexy Amazon man James Blake, doing his soulful, evocative vocalizing on an amazing new single from his even more awesome sophomore album Overgrown. The 24-year-old Brit holds onto to his R&B/dubstep roots, and although his elusive lyricism can at times leave much to the listener’s imagination, Blake’s detachment coincides with his emotional being during the creation of the record. Rumor has it Blake was nursing a broken heart with the help of his piano keys. I hope he’s feeling better, but if the nights are still long, Blake, I’m just a tweet away.




5. Flux Pavilion – “I Still Can’t Stop”/Blow the Roof


Flux Pavilion, also known as Joshua Steele, kills it on the beat circuit with his track “I Still Can’t Stop” from the Blow the Roof record he dropped earlier this year. “I Still Can’t Stop” manages to repeat without being repetitious. It’s a cool joint that sets you up for what else is to come on his eight track expedition of dub-dance-pop-techno-dreamscape. Its initial drop already has you begging for a slow motion Coachella-style beach party…or at least a slow motion bonfire. Dancing, beer, slow motion is all I ask, people.




6. Coco Owino – “Where the Wind Blows”/The Great Gatsby


Coco Owino of Quadron has taken a step in the right musical direction by taking a slot on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. The soundtrack is getting as much hype as the film itself, and with Coco being the vocal prowess that she is, tearing up this track with a retro fire that is unarguably amazeballs, who can blame the world for its enthusiasm? While you’re at it, check out the “Hey Love” single from Quadron’s upcoming record Avalanche, due out June 4th.





7. Paramore – “Still Into You”/Paramore


Oh, Paramore. So, Hayley is my girl crush and it takes a special ginger to steal the hearts of millions…Was that offense? My apologies, but nevertheless, I stand by my word. Hayley and the boys have dubbed themselves adorable with this new video and single. “Still Into You” is a cheerful track talking about the love we love to hate – the one that lasts. “I should be over all the butterflies…” is a line that may resonate with some and leave others yearning, but either way, you’ll be feeling in love by the end of the first chorus. Hayley lavishes her audience with her soulful, badass vocals and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a boat that moves on balloon waters (water balloons would’ve been more confusing). Just watch the vid.

8. Rudimental – “Waiting All Night” feat. Ella Eyre/Home


The UK’s Rudimental is a quartet of instrumental awesomeness. Their track “Waiting All Night,” off their debut record Home is too dope for many to handle, but their ability to create musical genius while pairing with the uber talented Ella Eyre is not just a testament to my awesome taste in music, but also their superb ability to merge club mixing with rock and a smudge of R&B. So, tell me that you need this, tell me that you want this, and press play.





9. Shakka – “End of Time (Shakkapella remix)”/The Shakkapellas


Shakka’s music isn’t “new”, but his covers album, released back in 2011, is new to me. He’s a hidden, remixing gem. His comical, tribal, pop takes on hits across musical genres shows his ability to adapt to anything and make it uniquely Shakka. His singing, his rhyming, and his instrumental manipulations make him a triple threat and he’s flawlessly creative on every track of his The Shakkapellas record. He’s listed as pop, but he’s R&B, reggae, theatrical, and anything else he’s in the mood for. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with again, but bandcamp will keep my attention for the time being.




10. Max Frost – “White Lies”/White Lies


Max Frost is tearing it up across the blogosphere and his fast talking single “White Lies” deserves its praise. From the jump, you’re taken in by the Latin/pop/country guitar of the shimmy-inducing beat. This Austin native’s hazy vocal grittiness is reminiscent of my beloved Strokes, but he has a spark (well, maybe a flame) of Cee Lo Green, and a Tom Cruise-Risky Business sassiness. Is that too much? With a name like Max Frost, he has to be cool, and Mr. Frost does not disappoint with his take on rhythm and blues.